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Hi! I'm new to the community and would like to learn more about Bullies for my pet's well-being!

Been observing my 4-month old pup for weeks now, and I think he looks smaller and thinner compared to his littermates (who have the bulky Bully look). I don't know if its because I regularly take him for short walks that he's losing fat/bulk, or it's more of his predisposition, or maybe he's the one in the right weight/visual range. He's currently around 27 lbs. View attachment 90720
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Would be very happy to know what you guys think! Showing his pictures here for reference! Thanks guys!
My first thought in reaction to pics was that your gorgeous pup may have worms. My rescue Pit had been dewormed but after 2 months she began to have diarrhea and I also spotted worms wiggling in her stool. Bring pup to vet, deworming is tricky with pups. Beautiful pup!:poop:
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