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Jasper, AL: Council hears first reading of breed ban

Posted on May 23, 2011 by stopbslcom| Leave a comment
Mayor Sonny Posey of Jasper, AL, has proposed a breed ban that would include "pit bulls," Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chows, mixes of these, and any mutt that "looks like" one of these.
The council may take the first vote on the ordinance during the next council meeting on June 7. Please send polite, respectful, educational correspondence to city council members to encourage them to pursue a breed-neutral dog ordinance. Next city council meeting: June 7, 10 AM(?), Jasper City Hall Council Chambers, 400 West 19 th Street, Jasper, AL.
Contact info for city council members:
City of Jasper, Alabama, P. O. Box 1589, Jasper, Alabama 35502-1589
City Hall/Mayor Phone 205-221-2100
Mayor, [email protected] (Mayor Posey requested the ban)
City Hall, [email protected]
Council examines ordinance to collar city's pet problem being examined

by David Lazenby, 5/22/11
[...] Currently, [city attorney Russ] Robertson said there is little restrictions on dogs in Jasper "until one is declared vicious."
"In order to be declared, it must have bitten, or without provocation bite or fiercely attack a person or other animal. Once a dog is declared vicious, we have pretty good procedures," Robertson said.
Robertson added that until a dog is declared vicious, the city's leash law is the only control the city maintains in regard to dogs.
Along with a proposed ban on the purebred dogs is a prohibition on "any mixed breed of dog, which contains as an element of its breeding" the breeds of dogs that may be banned in Jasper.
However, Robertson said mixed breed dogs would only be outlawed if they "look enough like" the breeds that may be banned.[...]
Full article retrieved 5/23/11 from http://www.mountaineagle.com/view/fu...atest_articles
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