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Jimmy came to visit with Onyx the Staffy :)

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Two cgc dogs doing what they love best :) playing around acting like Goofballs lol

The only one missing is ruby :( peanut is a manic and wanted to go after Onyx so he is in permanent time out lol
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peanut... LOL

H3ll yeah!! guys.. looks like ya'll had a good day, love them pics of the dogs.. Thats so cool to watch bulldogs run..
Too cute! Now i'd like to roll in the grass with them, it looks so fun!
Looks like they had a blast. Good pics.
Those are some handsome boys and great shots y'all!
Here is a video clip of one of their many play session :)

Great pics!!!! They look like they had a bunch of fun :)
I love Onyx he is so freaking adorable :) Jimmy has done an incredible job with him!

The most athelic dog I ever met in my life !

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That's awesome that Bernie gets to have friends over ;)
Who are the other two in the pics, they sure are cute :)
The blue girl is my brothers shelter bully breed mix and the blue fawn monster is my inlaws adba superdog lol
Awww what a beautiful bunch of bulldogs :)
Thank you :) :)
Onyx didnt want to leave but on the entire wsy home he slept. Bernie is mad obediant he was perfect. Peanut lol love em, but he did just as david said. We had to keep a eye on candy and onyx. They just werent on the same wavelength

Tracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omfg this dog is crazed. He refused to let the ball loose. He would drink with it in his mouth. Matt could have a heart attack, if he had a tennis ball he would be screwed. He is a freight train. Prey drive is unmatched. Onyx never reacted to a dog like tracker lmao. Tracker has never been worked and thuroughbreds would be jealous of his hips and legs

Tracker is the baddest raw genetic amstaff i have ever seen

Dave thanks for making me feel at home with your family.
Perfect Stack :)

Spread his width and stretch his gate a bit more and waaalllaaaahh showtime
That's so awesome you guys can get the dogs together like that :)
It was nice, @3hr each way. The hospitality made the trip nonexistant. The temp was perfect, little traffic and pockets of rain was the just of the trip

Dave got everyone introduced and a few minutes went by then they played chase and were great the entire time
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