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JoJo, our family cat, was a great looking Medium Haired Orange w/ White coat male cat & was about 7 or 8 years old. We took him in when he was around a year old, my younger sister would feed him and my older sister ended taking him to her place. As we moved a few times my older sister ended binging JoJo back to us b/c of the bigger space. Ever since I got my dog Boi, we ended keeping JoJo on our front door with his small opened house. As of early December when both of my sisters came to visit, they decided to make JoJo a covered up house to keep him warm and away from the rain. We grew vary attached to JoJo as our first actual pet even though we weren't really cat ppl. It all went bad w/ many human mistakes... It happened on December 30th 2010 after 1 pm when my brother took Boi and Precious for a hike. My aunt and uncle came to visit from Arizona and all ended up going. My brother made a costly mistake that I know I wouldn't have done. He came back from walking with my dogs as he approached the front door, my female looked inside JoJo's house and took a grab of him. As soon as my dog Boi saw that, he bit him as well. Both of my dogs were tugging JoJo. As from what my brother told me, it all happened so quick and he was lost and trying to get both of them off JoJo. Precious was quick to release as Boi wouldn't let go regardless of having my brother smacking and trying to choke him. As Boi release for a quick second my brother tried holding him back, but Boi got JoJo again and was just tugging JoJo =( Finally my brother was able to have Boi release for a second and eventually got Boi off and full control. All this happened while I was at work. My younger sister was first to assist my brother. They quickly went inside and laid JoJo on our couch as they tried covering his wounds. Every one was trying to help cover JoJo's wounds as within minutes, JoJo was bleeding and gasping for air with his eyes wide open, he took his final breaths on our couch ="(. JoJo pasted away ="( We were all hurt and upset by many things that we could of done different. My brother was very hurt by his mistake. Now I know the pain that many pet owners go through when they lose their beloved pet or pets, especially in a vicious way. It took a few days to slowing accept this tragic and hope nobody every goes through this. I just want to dedicate this post to JoJo. We will miss you as you are in a better place now. Gone, but not forgotten. Good Bye JoJo Rest in Cat Haven.
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