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So Miss Jubi made it to jax on 2/1 she is doing awesome and her new family LOVES her. Brought her to the vet and she weights only 5.6lb so is smaller than i thought she was going to be but pretty much perfect size :D. Here are a few quick picture as i had a horrible camera so i will post more later. The white dog is her sister Yoda an american eskimo. The pit is my cheza who could care less about another puppy when yoda is around to abuse, and killa my white and black JRT was enjoying beating jubilee up already :p

cute head shot

meeting killa.... well after she tried to attack killa but lost that fight so decided to make nice lol


what she thought of the craziness, lol give her time she will be all up in there

killa came out of nowhere and body slammed jubi before running back off the little fart

Jubi with her new mommy

jubi and yoda with me calling there name

jubi and yoda with me making an annoying super high pitch noise

and just for fun, killa doing zoomies around the living room lol

anyway there are some pics i will update more as i get them, but she is doing fantastic and we absolutly love her!!!
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great pics..such cute doggies ya have
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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