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Thank god it's summer in Michigan cause we can do all kinds of things now, haha.

At 2pm, we're going to Bark in the Park which is a baseball game at Lugnuts stadium in Lansing, sponsored by ICAC.

"Bark in the Park Day! Lansing Lugnuts vs Great Lakes Loons
Sunday, June 26th @ 2:05 pm

This is a special day just for YOU and YOUR DOG! The Lugnuts have partnered with Ingham County Animal Control to create a day specifically designed for dogs and their owners. This unique opportunity gives dog owners the chance to bring their four-legged friend to Cooley Law School Stadium on Sunday, June 26th at 2:05 pm for fun, baseball, and tail wagging!

Bark in the Park day is jammed packed with benefits for dogs and their owners. These benefits include dog related activities and services, a best trick competition, and a look-a-like contest!"

Kane is going to have a blast!! Meeting other dogs, eating hot dogs I "accidentally" drop!

Then, we're going to leave that a little early to head over to Biggby's, a local coffee shop, for another doggy meet-up through the same group. Free dog biscuits, doggy ice cream, and coffee for us humans, FREE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS I CAN'T WAIT, and lots of prizes.

Weeeeee. :woof::woof::woof:

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Whoops, I forgot I posted this, LOL.

Here's the run-down (I originally posted this summary somewhere else, and I'm too lazy to re-type something different):

Bark at the Park blew Kane's mind.

Kane is so well-behaved for the most part that I forget he's still an 18-month-old puppy. Well, that puppy came out today and he was ALL OVER THE PLACE. Omg, I felt like One of THOSE Owner's the entire time.

Kane just would not settle down. He wasn't out of control or anything, but there were so many people, and so many dogs, and so many spilled foods, and he had to sniff EVERYTHING and greet EVERYONE and as soon as we walked in the gate, his little brain fizzled right on out of his head, LOL.

It didn't help that along with today being Dog Day at the baseball game, it was also Kids Day, so there were a lot of kids of various ages running and shrieking and being kids. Despite not being socialized too well with kids in general, today he thought they were The Most Awesome Things Ever! and wanted to run and play and romp with every kid who walked by.

Eventually, I got tired of him (literally) dragging me around to greet anything that moved, lol, and we went to the grass part of the stadium seating near the outfield to relax and share a foot long hot dog. He lazed around and attracted many admirers who loved to see him rolling around on the grass with a slap-happy grin on his face, while I burned to a crisp and turned into a tomato. It was the perfect temperature outside, but he started to get hot sitting in the sun, so we headed around to the other side of the park where they had a kiddie pool full of water for the dogs.

He was much better about listening to me this time around, plopping his butt down as soon I stopped without me having to tell him or poke him in the butt.

So instead of our progress through the busy crowd being:

Kane: *dragdragdragdrag* Hurry up, human, I've got so many things to sniff!!

Caitlin: *throws weight back against leash to TRY to stop and flails* Kaaaaane. Earth to puppy! Hellooooo, I'm on the other end!!

It was more like:

Kane: *dragdrag*

Caitlin: *throws weight back against leash to TRY to stop and flails* Kaaaane. Earth to puppy!!

Kane: OH, right, I remember you!! You're still here, too? Well, okay. *sits*

It was much better and he got a lot more pets from people, of course, who seemed to think he was the most adorable thing ever when he was sitting.

When we got to the kiddie pool, he didn't want to get in it. This from the same dog who, if he had his way, would spend all day swimming in circles in the lake, ha. So I just picked his 52lb butt up and plopped him in there, where he proceeded to give me the standard pibble woe face. :)

There was a professional photographer there (company name, Slobbery Kisses) who LOVED Kane's look and took about 293482304 pictures of him. Kane loved her too, and so, of course, he posed this way and that way for her and looked so handsome and adult and goofy and silly, and I told her he never poses for me at home because I can never get him to be still long enough, and she gave me the most incredulous look because he'd been giving her perfect poses for about 5 minutes straight at that point.

I signed up for her email, so she's going to send me the shots she took of him. Some were of him looking straight into the camera, both serious and with a goofy smile, and others were from behind so she could catch the "arrow" on the back of his neck. There were also maybe possibly perhaps some shots of Kane and I together that I may or may not post depending on how much of a tomato I look in them, haha. I'll be contacting her soon to set up an appointment for her next month to come to my house and do a photo shoot.

After that, we went to the Biggby's coffee thing but even though he was still amped and excited to schmooze with people and dogs, I was bone-tired, so I got my goodies, signed up for some raffles, and left.

He's conked out on the couch next to me now.

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AWWWWWW so cool! fooey i wish i was closer to the areas in michigan that actually like their dogs! the most anyone here wants to do is put up some cruddy teeny dog park and it's just some old snooty poophead ladies that want their foofoo dogs to get admired. gag. i told that old granny that i don't want her dumb dog park here and she was very offended. :D i need to move either outta state or inland... stop livin on the edge.. bahaha
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