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Kush update

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So we took Kush to a behaviorist that specializes in pit bulls.
I was fearing for the worst,I think we all were...But we had nothing to worry about.

Turns out Kush's issues aren't as bad as we thought. He is very confused,but he is not HA. The behaviorist told me,that if Kush had wanted to bite her,he would have.

She gave us tips on how to correct his lunging,and got us signed up for a class to help him get over his shyness of people.

We got a $300 evaluation for free,and the classes will be free too. I LOVE YOU BULLSEYE DOG RESCUE!

I trust them the most,because they believe in pts HA dogs as well,and they said Kush was not HA, but conflicted with strangers and their intentions,due to being a back yard dog,as a puppy,with no social interaction to new things. I believe them.

Let's hope these classes work! I know Kush's owner is working on him everyday,he's come so far!

ps: poor guy tore hos toenail off at the training though. :/
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This is why it's so IMPORTANT to consult a behaviorist for misconstrued/misunderstood behaviors.

Awesome job!
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