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Welsh officials want pit bull ban enforced
Posted June 9, 2011


WELSH - Officials here want police to step up enforcement on the town's ban on pit bulls.

Several Welsh aldermen expressed concern this week that some pit bulls are being kept illegally after being returned to owners - even though the owners signed letters agreeing to remove the dogs from the city limits.

"I've heard there are a lot of pit bulls in town," Alderman Becky Hudson said. "Our ordinance is only as strong as the enforcement. If the law is not being enforced, it is not worth the paper it is written on."

Aldermen Charles Drake said the ordinance has been in effect for a number of years, but is not being enforced and that police "keep finding excuses for not writing tickets."

Alderman Gloria Viney asked if a pit bull could be returned to the same residence from which it was already removed.

"Some people say they have them (pit bulls), " Viney said. "Even after police remove them, for some reason, they are returned."

Police Chief Tommy Chaisson said the problem is that many owners are "sneaking" the dogs back and not all dogs believed to be pit bulls are a full pit bull breed.

Officer Russell Benoit said he responded to a pit bull call, but the dog was actually a chocolate Lab.

"Are pit bulls here? Yes, they are," Benoit said. "If I find them, I'll fine them (owners)."

The town has banned pit bulls since 2002.

The ban requires a veterinarian to determine whether the dog is a full pit bull breed or another breed. If the dog is not a pit bull, it will be returned to the owner. If the dog is verified as a pit bull, the owner will be fined up to $500 and ordered to remove the dog from the city limits.

Chaisson and Benoit said many pit bull owners don't mind repeatedly paying the fines.

"You catch them, fine them and they keep bringing them back," Chaisson said. "We need to find a way to hurt their pocketbooks."

Hudson and town attorney Rick Arceneaux urged police to "keep writing tickets" to pit bull owners who refuse to obey the law.

Town superintendent Rick Matte said a new animal control officer has been hired and will help write citations.

Welsh officials want pit bull ban enforced (6/9) : Headline News

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That's sad b/c I spent many summers in Welsh when I was growing up. It's a country setting full of rice fields and was a great and also sad past-time for me (totally irrelevant, I know). But, I just wanted to say I know where it's located and it's a shame that they have banned our beloved breed and are going to continue to find ways to punish responsible owners.
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