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Laziness in it's true form.

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He couldn't be bothered to stand and eat,after all,it took a lot of effort to destroy that new dog bed.(green fuzzies)

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:rofl::rofl: I don't even bother buying mine new dog beds anymore
He is punishing him self for tearing the bed up. He thinks now he should have to lay on the floor all day, so that he knows why he really misses the bed.
:rofl::rofl: I don't even bother buying mine new dog beds anymore
Me either. It was a gift...At least it lasted a few days before it's untimely death.:rofl:
LOL Beastley knows that feeling. Last night he destroyed his love seat cushions and pillows. Now he has to sleep on springs with his blankie on it. At first he was proud of his redecorating job until he found out we wouldn't allow him on the regular couch.
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, Katie! Cuteness!
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Lol have you tried a boots and barkley bed from target? My 2 pups try to rip ours apart everyday and they haven't succeeded yet. We've had it about a month and they've only managed to get the tags off. Though an adult jaw may be able to tear it apart.
he demolished a kong in less then 5 minutes... XD
lol .. That's some funny stuff right there ...
hahahah that is how Phoenix eats all the time, wayyy too funny, Bruno you not posed to chew up the bed mom-lady got for you :p
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