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Legislative Report 09-19-07

Ken Sondej

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American Kennel Club Legislative Liaison – Silver State Kennel Club Legislative Liaison – Nevada Dog Fanciers Assc. Director Government Affairs and Legislative Advisor – Adopt A Rescue Pet

Advisor – Indiana Animal Owners Alliance

Advisor – to Clubs and groups in Southern Nevada, Arizona, California

Co-contributor: Linda D. Witouski

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American Kennel Club Judge

American Kennel Club Delegate – Myrtle Beach Kennel Club - SC

American Kennel Club Legislative Liaison – South Carolina & Pennsylvania

Staff Writer - National Pet Press



SB0156 in the Senate and HR0743 in the House of 2007 re-introduced
Internet Tax Freedom Act text available upon request

States: in alphabetical order


Cherokee County - proposed ordinance covers licensing, dangerous dog, vaccine requirement, pet limit, mandatory spay/neuter, noise ordinance, smell ordinance, leash law and it includes livestock. Most of this is already mandated by state law.

Opp - city considering breed selective legislation


Anchorage - proposed changes to the city's Title 21 zoning code would ban geese, roosters and turkeys. while other small pets, such as chickens and rabbits, would be limited to three in pens at least 10 feet from the property line. Pet owners would need to buy a permit for $115 every two years


Mohave County - Kingman - Mohave County supervisors will meet Tuesday (09/04/07) to set a public hearing in October to discuss tougher restrictions on pet stores, kennels, veterinary clinics and hospitals. Supervisors will also ask county staff to reach an agreement with the cities of Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City to enforce the ordinance at pet shops and kennels within city limits as well. Permits would be required to operate a kennel or pet shop. The ordinance would especially focus on newly built, altered or expanded kennels, grooming shops and veterinary clinics. The applicant would have to provide detailed plans of the facility to the environmental health department. Walls and ceilings must be painted a light color and easily washable. Pet stores, kennels and veterinary clinics must be well lit and ventilated, carpet restricted from areas where animals are kept and floors must conform to code. The ordinance would also deal with the size of the property where the facility is located. Animal cages and other housing must also be clean and of adequate size. Sick animals must be isolated from healthy animals. The new ordinance also deals with exotic animals such as civets, certain birds and turtles, rodents and monkeys that are banned in the country because of a health risk to humans.


Arkadelphia - City Board of Directors will discuss an ordinance that would restrict the owners of pit bull dogs in the city. The ordinance does not ban pit bulls, but does "restrict the keeping of the animal so that the likelihood of attacks is significantly reduced," If approved, the ordinance would require the owner of a pit bull to: Be at least 21 years of age; be covered by a $100,000 insurance policy; have the dog implanted with an identification chip by a veterinarian; have the dog spayed or neutered; have an enclosed pen, with a top and bottom; have the dog muzzled when out on a leash; post the residence and enclosure with a sign warning of a dangerous animal; and have the dog registered with the city through a veterinarian. Failure to comply with any of those restrictions is punishable by a fine of $500. The ordinance fully describes the requirements of the outdoor enclosure, and prohibits leashing dogs to inanimate objects such as trees, posts or buildings. The restrictions apply to all dogs recognizable as pit bulls, even if not full-blooded pit bulls, the ordinance states. Some exceptions to the rules are included in the ordinance for show dogs registered with AKC or UKC. If such exemption is requested, the owner must provide proof of pedigree and proof that the dog is a show dog. If the dog is at least 6 months old, it must be tattooed with the AKC or UKC registration number.

Little Rock - council discussing proposal for mandatory spay/neuter, mandatory microchipping, muzzling in public, insurance and warning signs on property for all APBTs, Am Staffs & Staffies

Rogers - aldermen voted unanimously to amend an animal control ordinance, making it illegal for owners to keep vicious dogs within the city limits. The amendment removed conditions that allowed owners of dogs deemed vicious by a court to keep the animals. Those conditions included keeping vicious dogs contained and leashed and muzzled when outside. Owners of dogs deemed to be vicious now will have to move, get rid of or euthanize the dog. Passed 08/14/07

Ward - proposed pit bull ban DIED on the table. They are going to focus on enforcement of their current generic dangerous dog ordinance.

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Sacramento - AB1347 sent the governor a bill setting wide-ranging standards for the daily care of animals in pet stores and giving animal control officers the power to cite store owners for violations. Bill would impose minimum standards for cages, cleaning, temperature, lighting, ventilation, veterinarian visits and record-keeping. In 2006, the governor vetoed a different bill that also attempted to set state standards for care and handling of animals in pet stores. The governor has until Oct. 12 to act on the bill. text available upon request

Huntington Beach is the first city in Orange County to consider a program that would make it mandatory for pet owners to spay, neuter and microchip their cats and dogs. **More shades of AB1634** The ordinance passed forcing pet owners to spay or neuter and to have microchips inserted into their cats and dogs. The ordinance will be phased in over a year's time to allow public education without enforcement, and the council will review the program once it's in effect for a year.

Los Angeles - adopted municipal code adding Subsection (h) to Section 53.12 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code authorizing the Department of Animal Services to waive fees for micro-chipping and spay/neuter services for the second of two adopted animals that have bonded while in the care of a Department shelter. Effective 07/13/07

Stockton - new licensing fees and requirments. All cats and dogs must be licensed AND microchipped. Fees for unaltered animals were jumping up to $100, +/-


Dover - HB425 passed in 2006 provides the framework for a program to reduce the state's high animal euthanasia rate by increasing the number of spayed and neutered dogs and cats. The bill creates a self-supporting, targeted low-cost spay and neutering program for low-income pet owners and nonprofit animal welfare groups. Vouchers for low-cost procedures will be given with a limit of three per year. Funds for the program come from a $3 surcharge added to each rabies shot given in the state since Sept. 1, 2006. A new administrator, Holly Melzer, has been charged to design the statewide program, a board is also being created. The program will be administered by the Delaware Department of Agriculture. The administrator and the board will establish the final procedures and policies for the program.

Dover, con't - Council considering changes to current dog ordinances regarding identification of dangerous dogs to include BSL. Presentations were made by several members of the DVMA. The discussion was tabled until next meeting.


Tallahassee - HB101 - (prefiled for 2008) An act relating to dangerous dogs; amending s. 767.14, F.S.; eliminating the prohibition of breed specific local government regulation of dangerous dogs text available upon request

Hillsborough County - on hold for now - they are attempting to create some form of mandatory spay/neuter in an effort to address dog bite problems in that County

Mount Dora - proposal to ban barking

Palm Beach County - has been making "noises" in the media about the "overpopulation" problem and that mandatory spay/neuter is necessary, plus a $300 fee for intact dogs that are taken in by Animal Control - no draft ordinance available as of yet.


Coeur d'Alene - tabled breed selective legislation regarding the rewriting of their dangerous dog law.


Springfield - HB822 Signed by Governor. Law places new penalties on dog owners who let their potentially dangerous dogs run free, revises the animal control act to include a definition for potentially dangerous dogs. If a dog is found running unsupervised with three or more other dogs, it can be deemed potentially dangerous and required to be spayed or neutered. Failure to comply will result in impoundment or a $500 fine and requires animal shelters to sterilize and microchip a captured animal that has been designated potentially dangerous before it is adopted, or require new owner to agree to have the procedures done within 30 days.

Chicago - Pet pooches may—finally and officially—get a place at the e table, or at least under it, at outdoor cafes in Chicago. Legislation signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich allows the city to make legal what waiters from Lincoln Park to the West Loop have allowed with a wink and a nod. A proposed ordinance to allow dogs to accompany their owners while dining is expected to be reviewed by an aldermanic committee this month. Signed by Governor 08/18/07

UPDATE - Chicago - proposed ordinance to allow dogs to accompany their owners while dining is expected to be reviewed. The city's proposal, which spells out the terms and conditions under which restaurant owners may allow dogs at their sidewalk cafes and beer gardens The proposed ordinance would prohibit dogs from sitting on a seat, table or countertop; forbid employees from handling the dogs; mandate cleaning up all spilled food among customers; and provide disposable towels and liquid hand sanitizer at every table that permits dogs.


Mishwaka - new ordinance. Forty tree pages covering all types of animals and exotic animals, licensing, registration, pet stores. Just about something for everyone. text available upon request

Mishawaka - Animal control is using a DNA testing to prove that the dog is not a pit bull

Terre Haute - City Council members, while supporting the idea of a submitted ordinance regarding the tying up of animals, questioned whether the proposal’s wording made it enforceable as intended. Proposed law change before the council would change city regulations to limit the tethering, or tying up, of animals in Terre Haute.

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Glenwood - proposed pit bull ordinance that requires current owners of three specific pit bull breeds to build kennels, post "Beware of Dog" signage and carry liability insurance. The ordinance seeks to ban certain pit bull breeds from its city limits and limit the number of pit bulls already in the area by requiring their owners to spay and neuter the animals. Passed 08/14/07

Johnson County - officials proposing a county-wide ordinance that would toughen controls on domestic animals, particularly dogs that are deemed potentially dangerous or vicious. Vicious animal provisions handle domestic animals that have attacked, bitten, or showed unusually aggressive behavior. State code applies in municipalities without vicious animal regulations. But the law mainly addresses the owners, the owner is liable of actions that happen with the dog


McFarland - a proposed ordinance pertaining to the keeping of dangerous dogs within the Corporate Limits of the City of McFarland. A "dangerous dog" is defined to mean: a) The Staffordshire bull terrier breed of dog; b) The American pit bull terrier breed of dog; c) The American Staffordshire terrier breed of dog; d) Argentine Dogo e) Bull Terrier f) Cane Corso g) Dogue de Bordeaux h) Dogo Cubano i) Dogo Sardesco j) Fila Brasileiro k) Perro de Presa Canario l) Wolf hybrids m) Rottweilers n) Any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the above breeds or a combination of any of these breeds. text available upon request

Wichita - City Council chose not to single out pit bulls in an amended ordinance targeting aggressive dogs. Council made one significant change to city laws. To be considered dangerous, a dog no longer has to bite someone - it can be considered dangerous by aggressive behavior. The city can force all dogs labeled "dangerous" to be sterilized and micro chipped. Any dog that is caught running loose can be labeled dangerous.


East Baton Rouge Parish - City Councilmen say "no" to BSL which would have stated that all Pitbulls are dangerous. Councilmen said Animal Control should enforce the ordinance that they already have on the books before they pass anything new

New Llano - is pursuing Breed Selective Legislation in an ordinance introduced at Tuesday's (08/28/07) town council meeting. The ordinance will allow the Town of New Llano to regulate and control the keeping of animals of vicious breeds within the corporate limits of New Llano, requirements for keeping animals of vicious breeds and penalties for violation of the proposed ordinance. The town defines breeds of dogs as vicious: Pit Bulls, any form of Pit or Pit Bull mix, German Shepherd or German Shepherd mix. Rottweiler or Rottweiler mix, Doberman Pinscher or Doberman mix and Chow or Chow mix If the ordinance passes, residents owning any of these dogs will have until Jan. 1, 2008 to comply with the new regulations. Any dog deemed a vicious dog by New Llano must be in a fenced yard at least six feet in height at all times, to prevent a nuisance or danger to the public. If chained or otherwise tethered within that fence, the minimum tether length shall be a 15 foot radius providing a 30 foot diameter exercise area. Dog collars for tethered animals shall be leather or nylon. Dogs, not listed by New Llano as vicious, weighing 35 pounds or over and which have committed at least one unprovoked attack on human(s), or other animals must be confined behind a fence no less than six feet in height. The enclosure must provide a minimum of 36 feet for each animal to be enclosed.

Sulphur - City Council is considering the INTRODUCTION OF ORDINANCE amending Chapter 4, Section 2 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sulphur – Mistreatment. ORD83-07, this will prohibit anyone to stake or chain their dog and the INTRODUCTION OF ORDINANCE amending Chapter 4, Section 67 (d) of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sulphur. ORD84-07, this will prohibit dogs to be leashed, tied or staked.


Augusta - new law that goes in effect Sept. 21 will stop you from taking out an advertisement to sell one kitten or puppy unless you pay the state $25 for a vendor number good for 60 days. The other option is to become a state-licensed breeder and pay a $75 annual licensing fee, with background checks and home and kennel inspections


Baltimore County - the Dangerous Animal Task Force makes seven recommendations: * Baltimore County Department of Health to update existing literature related to licensing of dogs. * Dog safety education sessions in the Baltimore County library system to be facilitated by a partner that promotes the humane treatment of animals via education. * Promotion of dog licensure by the Health Department through the placement of informational signage at libraries. * Consideration of promoting licensing through literature that would be mailed with tax bills. * Health Department to work with area veterinarians to promote animal licensing. * Increase financial penalties to owners of unlicensed animals. * Review current laws with specific goal of providing input on potential changes to current local and state legislation related to nuisance owners and breed-specific licensing.

Frostburg - elected officials have decided to draft an ordinance to control dangerous and vicious dogs and it could very well ban the breeds.

Towson - Councilman Vince Gardina wants to put the squeeze on owners of pit bulls and other dogs with a history of biting. Changes to county law favored by Gardina would create a special set of requirements that owners of pit bulls or other dogs found to be vicious would have to meet before they could obtain a dog license. The bill, which was scheduled for introduction at the council's Sept. 4 meeting but was pulled for some last-minute tinkering, also would require that the dogs covered by the bill be muzzled when out in public. Violators would be subject to fines of $1,000 a day.


Boston - Springfield lawmaker has filed a bill that would create a statewide dangerous dog registry. State Sen. Stephen Buoniconti says he was prompted by the recent mauling of a 9-year-old girl in Springfield by a bullmastiff that was involved in another attack last year. The legislation would allow local animal control officers to file a court petition seeking to have a dog involved in an attack on a human listed as dangerous.

Chicopee - Board of Aldermen are being asked to change the existing ordinance to specify the pit bull breed. The current dangerous and vicious dog ordinance (Chapter 144-23) was passed by aldermen several years ago describing these dogs as "any dog with a propensity, tendency or disposition to attack, to cause injury or to otherwise endanger the safety of human beings or domestic animal or any dog which attacks a human being or a domestic animal on two or more occasions without provocation." The existing ordinance calls for a ban of dangerous and vicious dogs from the city except for those that are owned, kept and properly registered prior to Nov. 1, 1998, and they must be kept in a secure area preventing the animal from any public areas.

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Laurel - after researching bans within other cities, including Richland and Clinton in Mississippi, administration officials have rewritten the animal control ordinance. The city council began debate on the issue during a public safety committee meeting. There are leash laws on the books, but they are often not enforced.

PASCAGOULA - A new ordinance designed to control vicious animals goes into effect 10/30/07. According to the ordinance passed by the Jackson County Board of Supervisors, a vicious animal is one that constitutes a threat to human beings or other animals and also defines a vicious dog as one that attacks a human without provocation, or kills or injures a domestic animal or livestock, when not on the dog owner's property. The law would also target a dog that is raised for dog fighting, or a dog that shows a tendency or disposition to attack a human being.


Lee's Summit - City Council discussing amending an ordinance regarding dangerous dogs. The drafted amendment, several aspects were added to the current ordinance and some of the wording was changed. Definitions were re-worded or added including what the city means by 'under restraint' and 'under supervision' , would make illegal to allow an animal to "run-at-large;" adding a requirement to have dogs defined as dangerous implanted with an identifying microchip; requiring that dogs and cats be spayed or neutered, unless the animal is used for breeding; and adding requirements for the tethering and fencing of dogs. would make illegal to allow an animal to "run-at-large;" adding a requirement to have dogs defined as dangerous implanted with an identifying microchip; requiring that dogs and cats be spayed or neutered, unless the animal is used for breeding; and adding requirements for the tethering and fencing of dogs. Definitions that would classify a dog as dangerous were not changed by the drafted amendments, but the wording was changed so that any dog who meets the characteristics 'may' be classified as dangerous, rather than 'shall' be classified as dangerous. These characteristics include any dog that has inflicted a severe or fatal injury on a human being, killed a domestic animal without provocation, dogs owned or kept primarily for dog fighting, any dog that has bitten a human being without being provoked or a dog that chases or approaches a person who is not on the dog owner's property in a menacing way, according to the drafted ordinance.

Scott City - Council is beginning their review of the city's restrictions against vicious dogs following an attack by a pit bill which killed a chihuahua

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Ronan - Council discussed proposed pit bull legislation and using existing vicious dog and nuisance ordinances to deal with the problem of dangerous animals.


Trenton - State Sen. James "Sonny" McCullough, R-Atlantic, is preparing new legislation to force pit bull owners to muzzle their animals while in public. Update: DEAD for the time being.


Las Cruces - Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez spoke to the Las Cruces City Council recommending overall changes in the Las Cruces Animal Ordinance. Mass "voluntary" spay and neuter effort will be required, mandatory licensing and mandatory microchipping


Brookhaven - Officials are considering a provision in the town code that would prohibit pet owners from bringing pit bull breeds into the dog park.


Alamance County - Burlington City - County forms animal task force to look into concern about animal welfare and the impact the overpopulation will have on taxpayers. The number of cats and dogs brought to the animal shelter steadily increased every year from 1996 to 2006. The task force will include elected officials from Burlington, the county and surrounding cities as well as representatives from local animal-welfare groups and other concerned residents. “We always say that you can’t adopt your way out, and you can’t kill your way out of pet overpopulations,†Vicky Hunt co-chair of The Pet Adoption and Welfare Society said. “The only thing you can do is spay and neuter your way out.â€

Brunswick County - is working on changes to their dangerous dogs ordinance. The new ordinance would allow the county to take control of the dogs after the owner breaks any of the rules that include keeping the dogs in an enclosure, inserting a microchip so the animal can be located, leashing the animal when it's outside and putting a muzzle on it when it's off the owner's property. The changed ordinance now goes to the county board of commissioners for final approval.

Buncombe County - County commissioners will consider new animal control rules that include mandatory microchipping, tightening noise rules on barking dogs and increasing the frequency during which owners must give pets or other animals clean water.

Henderson County - Mandatory Spay Neuter Proposal still in the works. UPDATE: Henderson County - Hendersonville - proposed animal ordinance with mandatory spay/neuter and breeder permit requirements has been *removed* from the September 19th public meeting. Defeated

Jackson County - draft of the county’s revised animal ordinance includes provisions for adopting dogs and cats; keeping strays; and collars and identification for all pets. Pet owners will be allowed to keep dogs that are potentially dangerous, such as rottweilers and pit bulls. However, the ordinance states that any dangerous dog has to be confined in a fully enclosed pen, and wireless fencing will not be accepted. Animal control officials can declare any dog dangerous if it bites or injures any person, kills an animal on someone else’s property or is owned primarily for dog fighting. Also under the ordinance, all domestic animals older than four months must be vaccinated for rabies.

Orange County - increased their differential licensing with no notice; decided upon by Animal Advisory Board, Animal Control and approved by Commissioners. Intact license fee increased from $10 to $30.


HB223 still under consideration. Establishing licensing requirement and standards of care for certain dog breeding kennels and dog intermediaries, establishing definitions of a dog kennel (8 or less) and regulated dog breeding kennel, (8 & above), animal shelter, animal rescue ...

This bill is taking the form of the Pa. Regulations being considered. Currently re-referred to SGE committee 9/11/07

Cincinnati - already has BSL legislation in place regarding pit bulls. However, in reaction to the Michael Vick case, the city council will be voting on even more restrictive legislation against pit bulls in the city limits. This will include police sweeps of neighborhoods and the right of the police to confiscate and euthanize ANY pit bull or pit bull mix they see - regardless of its history, current conditions, or record.

Cincinnati - Task Force was set up to consider removing ban on Pitbulls. Possible result could be a ban on abusers who don’t properly raise the animals.

Columbus - city is discussing limiting the number of pets anyone can own

Youngstown - Mahoning County - proposed ordinance is a ban on future ownership of pit bulls beginning Saturday, and requiring the dogs to be on a leash no longer than 4 feet. The state allows pit bulls on leashes no longer than 6 feet. The ordinance, making Youngstown one of a small number of cities in the country with an outright ban on new pit bulls beginning Saturday (09/15/07), has drawn a great deal of complaints from dog lovers in Youngstown, the Mahoning Valley and throughout the country. Much of the pit bull legislation approved by city council last week is similar to state laws, such as keeping the dogs securely confined, requiring owners to carry liability insurance of at least $100,000, and registering each dog with the county dog warden.


Oklahoma City - draft of the "Pet Quality Assurance Act." which covers breeding and sale of animals, licensing, veterinary care, a Director shall issue only one license per location and fines. text available upon request.


Pa. has appointed a new Dog Law Enforcement Bureau Director, Ricki Miller, previously the director of the Harrisburg Humane League. Jessie Smith has discontinued meetings which include the public, violating IRRC recommendations.


Beaufort - County Council's Community Services and Public Safety Committee will consider an ordinance that would prohibit chaining dogs. The proposed ordinance, but it likely will mirror a state bill introduced last month that would prohibit tethering, fastening, chaining, tying or restraining a dog to a stationary object for more than three hours a day or for more than six hours a day on a trolley system, a cable system that allows a dog to run several feet between two fixed points A Sept. 12th meeting will see the presentation of an ordinance regarding the tethering of dogs, probably mirroring the state SB833. text of AB833 available on request

Horry County - County Council Staff is reviewing current dog ordinances and researching surrounding counties after several maulings by pit bulls.

Sumter County - proposal designed in the hope of curbing dog fighting has been put on hold in Sumter County and will most likely not be discussed until sometime in September. Sumter County Council is considering a proposal to limit the amount of pit bulls a person can have. In the past year and a half, Sumter County has seized more than 100 dogs they believe were used for dog fighting. Councilman Gene Baten wants to pass an ordinance limiting the number of pit bulls someone can own to five. Bill DEFEATED

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Clarksville - county commissioners approved 11-page document, which was whittled down from a previous 26-page resolution, details proper enclosure, animal care, animal cruelty as determined by a reasonable person and requirements for dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs. A dog is declared dangerous, the packet states the owner has 30 days to make sure the dog is updated with a current rabies vaccination, place it in a regulated enclosed area, get it spayed or neutered and implant a microchip. The dog will be euthanized if the requirements aren't met.

Monterey - city council meeting the proposed pit bull ban is officially off the table for good. The city council never broached the subject at the meeting, but the ban was brought up by a concerned resident. All the city council members (with the exception of David Delk) agreed that a breed ban would be ineffective and a waste of tax payers' money. They also agreed that the new Tennessee state law that went into effect on July 1 was sufficient. All the city council members acknowledged they received STACKS of e-mails and letters voicing opposition against the ban.


Austin – (city of) proposed rule changes do not address this request in any way, except to remove language in the rules that offered us a tiny ray of hope. The previous rules stated that rabies vaccine was to be administered in accordance with the manufacturer' s label directions 'FOR HEALTHY ANIMALS ONLY.' Now that we called it to their attention, this language has been completely eliminated. Science be damned! Vaccinate them all. Another proposal would redefine "owner" to "custodian." Definition of Custodian--A person or agency which feeds, shelters, harbors, owns, has possession or control of, or has the responsibility to control an animal

Austin - city proposing a ordinance to declare dogs dangerous if the injure another animal while somewhere other than an enclosure. The ordinance proposes to declare dogs dangerous if they commit an unprovoked acts (not at attack) that "cause an owner of an animal or livestock to reasonably believe that the dog will attack and cause bodily injury to that owner's animal or livestock.

Rosenberg - AR's are pushing for a anti-tethering law


Cache County - a proposed countywide mandatory spay/neuter law. Under the proposal, those seeking an exception would pay $100 per year per dog.


Rockingham / Bellows Falls - Selectboard considering a new ordinance that would require pet owners to spay or neuter their cats and dogs. Pet owner would be able to obtain a license if he or she wanted to breed the animal. In question is what to do about the feral colonies.

Springfield - passed a updated animal control ordinance, aimed not at dogs, but their owners. The ordinance puts in place a schedule of escalating warnings and fines up to $500, for everything from endlessly barking dog to failing to clean up after a canine best friend to a loose dog. Passed 09/10/07 Effective 11/09/07


Richmond - proposed regulations prohibit the release of captive waterfowl and captive reared mallards; Prohibits the use of pen-raised mallards by individual dog trainers and at club training days. Closed fox hunting - dogs only season in certain areas. Aligns the season dates for dog only fox hunting on designated public areas with the period when it is lawful to hunt foxes with firearms, severely reducing dog training days on those areas. New rules on hunting with hounds - policy and regulatory review of bear, deer, raccoon and fox dog hunting and training. Facilitator- led stakeholder group consisting of hunters, dog men and women, landowners, anti-hunting animal rightists and others to develop recommendations for changed hound hunting rules.


Bluefield - Commission to update its existing 80-year-old vicious dog ordinance is a smart and proactive move in light of numerous reports of canine attacks across the nation and, sadly, here at home. The Vicious Dog Commission, the group charged with studying how to update the regulations, is not planning to target specific breeds with the new ordinance and labeling certain breeds as “vicious†is not the best method of protecting the people of the city from dog bites.


Grafton - The Plan Commission will discuss a proposed limit for residential properties - basically 3 dogs.

Portage - new ordinance, after a minor reported incident, animals will be deemed dangerous and be subject to special rules, including an increased annual registration fee. A more substantial incident or incidents could lead an animal to be labeled as vicious, leading to its ban from the city. The ordinance is not breed specific.

courtesy RDOW and BSL Workshop

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That is a really good thread Judy. Thank you!!! It gives everybody a heads up in their area so they can start rallying for the changes they want.

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