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LINCOLN PARK: City discusses pros, cons of adopting vicious dog ordinance

Saturday, January 29, 2011
By Lisa Yensen

LINCOLN PARK - City officials, police and residents met to talk about tightening the community's vicious dog ordinances.

The City Council met Jan. 18 before a full house to discuss the pros and cons of adopting an ordinance that could potentially ban pit bulls from the city.

Police Chief Thomas Karnes and animal control Officer Adam Manchester provided facts about the city's pit bull population.

Karnes said 43 percent of the more than 200 strays picked up in the city last year were pit bulls.

"There have been instances with pit bulls in our town that have been especially horrific," he said.

In the last 18 months, there have been three instances in which officers have had to shoot pit bulls, he said.

"My main concern is to do something to put more teeth, so to speak, into our vicious dog ordinance and look at the possibility of changing the ordinance we have now to give us more strength to go after the homeowners that allow their animals to run loose," Karnes said.

Manchester, who has been with the department since 1998, said he would like to see the city adopt a stronger ordinance that addresses both vicious and potentially vicious dogs.

Council members agreed that a breed-specific ordinance, one that would ban pit bulls exclusively, would not be in the best interest of the city.

"It's been my understanding … it is not the breed of the animal, but basically it's how they're taken care of by their owner that really makes a difference," Councilman Thomas Murphy said.

Councilwoman Suzanne Moreno and Councilman Mariano DiSanto compared dogs to children.

"They're like your children and you have to take care of them," Moreno said. "If you raise your children to be creeps, they're going to be creeps."

Councilman Mark Kandes asked that the council schedule a study session to get residents' reaction to the current ordinance.

"The one thing I'm happy about tonight is we realize that the ordinances we have on the books are inadequate," he said.

Numerous reports have been filed with police in Downriver communities and throughout Michigan about people and other animals being attacked and sometimes killed by pit bulls and other dogs.

Currently, pit bull are banned in at least 11 cities in Michigan, including Allen Park, Ecorse and Melvindale.

Contact Staff Writer Lisa Yensen at [email protected] or 1-734-246-0882.

LINCOLN PARK: City discusses pros, cons of adopting vicious dog ordinance (with video) - thenewsherald.com

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