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Can anyone recommend a good training facility that offers group classes near Baltimore? I am new to the area, so I don't know anyone to ask, and I was hoping someone on the forum might have a recommendation.

My current front runner is:
Has anyone heard of them or have experience with them?

I looked at many places online, but I do not want to do clicker or treat training, I do not want shock collar training, basically just me and the dog. I plan to move on to agility or Rally-o when she is older, I am not interested in protection, just obedience, going into higher level obedience, CGC, and competition.

Many places I have looked, their curriculum for intermediate is comparable to where she is now, so I do not want to pay to go through Basic because it is a prerequisite. Lady can sit, down, come, walk loosely on leash, and we are working on stay (she's a momma's girl, and doesn't like to stay away from me), she has some trouble with distractions, hence my desire for classes, but hey, she's only 17 weeks lol. I want group classes because of her shyness. She is completely non-DA, just shy in general, likes to be near me, submission pees sometimes, etc.

Any suggestions of good training facilities would be most welcome.
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