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Hi, I live in Finland and looking for American Pitbull Terrier.

I will train dog to be my helper, I'm in wheelchair and dog should be my helper, friend and guarder.
It will go everywhere where I will go, to the shops, library, meet doctors, etc etc - everywhere!

So it almost never must be alone and when I cannot take it with me, it will be at home with my family.

Dog is going to be trained follow me nicely - with and without leash, if I drop something (cellphone, pen...) it must give it to me, open and shut doors and pull my wheelchair if batteries go empty from my electrical wheelchair..
Dog must be brave and friendly, he/she must meet nicely other people and cannot be afraid with gun shots - here in finland it comes in that test which tells can dog get promise to be helperdog.

I am looking for adult dog but puppy will have good home as well from our family.

I Don't ever think nothing about starting breeding myself, that's professionals job and I don't have that much knowledge or interest.
I had couple of great danish and other dogs, so I can teach dog without violence and I think and believe I will manage with APBT well.

I live at country and we have a lot of yard where dog can run and live, also we have little "lake" at backyard so swimming is fun and there can swim dogs and other family members =)

I make tattoos and dog is also with me at job and I am also interest pulling. My great danish liked pulling and I will start that with APBT if he/she is dog which can do it.

If somebody know dog which may become my lifetime friend, please let me know.
I will answer questions and be brave and contact me :woof::woof:
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