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By Ryan S Browning

Bob was a Pit Bull. He was my best friend.
Dad brought him home when he was twelve weeks old.
He came from a list of Grand Champions.
His daddy used to win a lot of shows.

As Bob grew older some neighbors got scared.
They said Bob would bite someone.
My friends all play with Bob.
When he grabs their pants leg, they don't care.
They know he is just hav'in fun.
I like to take him for walks and train him with treats
and at night he sleeps under the covers, right by my feet.

Bob stays at home while I am at school.
That is mom and dad's rule.
Dad said to never let Bob run loose
and mom never forgot about Bob eating her shoes.
The man on TV said all the Pit Bulls have to leave.
He wanted to take them all, and have them put to sleep.

He said a little boy was killed by a Pit Bull tied up
in his neighbour's backyard and all Pit Bulls are mean.
If that Pit Bull was tied up, maybe his life was hard
and he didn't have anyone to love him like Bob has me.

Every day after school we like to play and we have a lot of fun.
People said he would turn on me, but Bob didn't want to hurt anyone.
He could climb a tree and hang there all day.
He likes to chase me around the yard,
I even taught him to sit and stay.
Please God, why did you let them take Bob away.

They passed some kind of law, it's called BSL,
because they believe a Pit Bull is bred to attack.
Bob never hurt anyone;
but, Dad said, Bob may have to leave and never come back.
We can't afford to move, because of his job and the money.
Mommy gave me a hug and cried and said I'm sorry honey.

I ran to my room with Bob at my heels.
I made him a promise as a pup I would love him for years.
As I lay crying on my bed, Bob kissed away the tears.
Then the day came and they took him away.
I vowed then and there, he would never be replaced.

Dad and Mom said they would get me a new dog.
One not deemed vicious, by some stupid law.
I told them, no dog could make up for Bob!
Why did they listen to that man on TV?
Bob was a gentle friend, who would never hurt a flea!
That man was wrong! Bob would never turn on me!

They said because of mean and cruel people, all Pit Bulls like Bob,
must go to jail where they are given a shot to put them to sleep.
Then an Angel would come and take them to heaven for God to keep.
I cried all night for the loss of my best friend.
How could the man on TV be so heartless to small kids like me?
I know in my heart Bob is now gone.
I feel him watching and waiting to be by my side.
He can't see the real problem, can someone tell me why?

It's not kids or people like me,
who miss their dog while at school,
or the ones who use dogs like Bob, for search and rescues.
It's people who torture them, starve them,
beat them, that's what must end!
They are the reason my dog is dead Mr. Bryant;
But, instead, you killed my best friend!

Just because some people don't look after their animals,
I had to lose my one and only companion.
The one I loved with all my heart.
Why don't you go after the ones who are mean?
If you want to help, that's where to start!
Stop killing innocent puppies, sending them to heaven's gate.
Stop bullying the innocent.
Quit throwing around your weight!
Instead do what most government people have forgotten how to do,
do the right thing, look at the truth!
Pit Bulls like Bob, are not the threat,
for the threat lies in ignorant people like you!
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