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Manton, MI: BSL or ban possible

Thanks to Jodi for this alert!
City of Manton, 306 W. Main St., Manton, MI 49663
(231) 824-3572
FAX (231) 824-6342
Manton considers Pitbull ban

by Brody O'Connell
Posted: 04.13.2011 at 6:56 PM

MANTON, MI - Manton leaders are considering drafting an ordinance that would prohibit city residents from owning or purchasing a Pitbull.[...]
The mayor said a public meeting will be held before any final decisions are made.
Video at the link. Full article retrieved 4/19/11 from http://www.upnorthlive.com/news/story.aspx?list=~%5Chome%5Clists%5Csearch&id=60512 4
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