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I am sure this comes as no surprise, but still to see the actual numbers in just one example is shameful.

Media Bias Study | DogsByte.org

August 27, 2012
Media Bias Study

If you've ever tuned into the 10 o'clock news or read a morning paper, chances are you've seen stories of "Pit Bulls" doing unimaginable things. These reports are usually accompanied with a photo of a ferocious looking "Pit Bull" dog, and words such as "mauling" are used to describe the occurrence. But is there a media bias against "Pit Bull" dogs? And, if another type of dog is in the news for an equal, or sometimes worse, behavior, is the same attention being given to that story? The following study follows two dog related incidents that were reported on nearly 24 hours apart from each other:

On Monday, August 20, 2012 in Palm Springs, California, a stray kitten was chased by four dogs reported as Pit Bull terriers, and hid into the front bumper of a parked minivan. The four dogs began clawing and biting at the bumper (see photo below) in an attempt to get the kitten. The kitten was never harmed, and later found by the owner of the dogs and minivan several miles down the road. Is this incident worthy of a news story?

Apparently so…But not just one. Many.

First reported by a local Palm Springs media outlet,http://www.mydesert.com/article/201...well|text|Frontpage|p&gcheck=1&nclick_check=1, on August 21st, this story ran NATIONALLY in over 100 newspaper and news station websites across the United States, including major networks like Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS! Nobody was hurt, not even the tiny homeless kitten, who is now up for adoption and will undoubtedly get a new home because of this national headline. In most of the stories, many relevant details were omitted. The originating article provided the most about the incident. At some point during the evening/early morning, a stray kitten ventured on the property where the dogs were left outside. The kitten escaped and ran into a hollow area in the minivan's bumper parked on the owner's property. It was his minivan, and his dogs. The dogs clawed and bit at the plastic bumper in an unsuccessful attempt to capture the kitten (Note: prey drive is not uncommon for dogs in general). The photo of the minivan that ran in virtually every report, is what the vehicle looked like after the kitten was rescued. It is unknown if the dogs were responsible for all the damage, or if some of the damage was done during the rescue efforts "40 minute process that involved removing the bumper."

The next day (August 21, 2012), a reported Jack Russel Terrier-Dalmatian mix bites a 2 year old girl on the face, requiring her to get 12 total stitches (10 on the bridge of her nose, and 2 inside her mouth above her upper gum), after attempting to kiss the dog. Only one media outlet gave this incident any attention, WHIO (local to the story).

No images of snarling JRT mixes, or descriptive words to captivate an audience were used to enhance the seriousness of this case. Not much was said at all about an attack by a non-Pit Bull that left a young girl with facial wounds. But a lesser incident involving Pit Bulls garnered national exposure. So, is there a media bias when reporting on Pit Bull incidents? You be the judge.

Jeff Theman of Guilty Til proven innocent https://www.facebook.com/GuiltyTilProvenInnocent and Gemma Zanowski of Touch Love Pit Bull Rescue https://www.facebook.com/ToughLovePBR

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If you go to the main article, the links are listed at the bottom, below are the ones I have not added to this thread yet. MIND BLOWING how much attention and MIS information get spread and plastered on the news. So misleading.

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