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This is a very odd question, and really it is not a question, just a thread for opinions.

As many know, Gemini has been a huge bag of medical problems since day 1. She was loaded with parasites, treated for potential ringworm, she's stunted in her growth, and I've been fighting with her tail for almost 2 months now!

The originally thought that she had ringworm on the tip of her tail, cultures and skin scrapings later proved this wrong after several weeks of treatment. I later learned what was happening to her tail; she is self-mutilating her tail. She chews the bottom half of her tail to the point it bleeds. She has no fleas, no mites, etc. I change her bedding daily and she has no other spots anywhere else on her body. It has no hair on it, is constantly scabbed over, and bleeds almost daily.

She is getting spayed next month and I have decided that I am going to have her tail docked at that time. I feel awful with that decision, but I don't want her to continue to mutilate her tail and risk it getting an infection into the bone.

I wonder, what could have caused her to start mutilating her tail in the first place?

Erin & Gemini-the bloody-tailed Am Bully
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