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Hi guys! So we adopted a little one back in November of last year.
Charlotte is a blue fawn PBT and let me tell you about all the energy she has... It's insane and exhausting at times and Axel seem's to think so too!

She will be 6 months on 4/10/19. We adopted her at 7 weeks -the breeder (if you want to call them that) had two unfixed dogs in an apartment. It blew my mind when they told us -we didn't think she would get pregnant. How not if you have two unfixed dogs running around? Lol.
Since having her it has been a great learning experience, but I wouldn't do it again because we now have our boy and girl.

Yes they get along and yes we do have to separate them at times because she can be a bit much for Axel at times, but they love running around and playing around in the backyard and going on walks and going to the beach too!

We already started obedience training and are on our way to intermediate training. Axel has also been a great big brother in the sense that she see's how well versed he is and wants to mimic everything he does -no bad dogs here. We took a gamble on her because it did not seem that her parents were trained at all if any. Dogs were always jumping on us when we went over and never listened to their owners unless they brought out the cheese, but the each his own. My wife and I do not allow that behavior in our home.
Anyways end rant... enjoy the pics!

The first pic is of her when she was 8 weeks old. Second pic she was about 10 weeks old and third pic with her brother is when she just last month.

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Welcome back Axel36! What a nice gift you brought with you, they don't get much cuter then Charlotte. Glad to hear that Axel and her are getting along but just a reminder that can change in a heart beat. Always keep a watchful eye and study their body language.

Thanks for sharing the pics with us. I wish you many happy years together. Wouldn't mind more pics too, hint.

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