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Just got this from the AKC. I think im gonna do it. I already have their micro chip and with all the pittie thefts lately it may not be a bad idea.

The one thing i dont like is i think its a collar, which a theif can take off and throw in the river. Id like to see this as a micro chip gps
This is what they sent me

AKC CAR Now Offers Pet Tracking!

Thank you for choosing AKC Companion Animal Recovery for your pet’s safe return.
For over fourteen years, we have been here, 24/7, to help return your lost pet to you.

Click here for this limited time offer!

Collar not included.
A monthly service fee is required,
and you will need an internet connection.
Recommended for pets over 10 pounds.
Today, we are excited to introduce you to the new SpotLight GPS Pet Locator! SpotLight provides you with the next generation of pet locating technology coupled with AKC CAR's nationwide pet recovery service! With SpotLight, you have hands-on tracking of your pet. The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator will allow you to pinpoint through Google Maps where your pet is at any time. Plus, it will send you text and email alerts should your pet wander outside of its “SafeSpot”, boundaries that you set for your pet’s safety.

As an AKC CAR recovery service client, you can purchase the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator for the low introductory price of $199.99, a $50 savings! In addition, you can get the Escape Artist Monthly Service Plan with unlimited emergency events for only $14.99 per month for the first year, a $60 savings.

Click here to order today for a savings of $110!

SpotLight GPS Pet Locator Offers You:
Turn-by-Turn Directions to Your Pet (from your phone or online)
Customizable SafeSpots—areas you designate as safe for your pet, such as your yard
Timely Alerts to your cell phone and email that let you know
Your pet is in or out of her SafeSpot
The battery is running low and needs to be charged
Anti-Theft Warning that lets your know your pet is traveling over 30 mph and may be stolen
Durable, waterproof design that works with your pet’s existing collar—and it weights only 2.5 ounces
LED “SpotLight” that can be activated from your cell phone or computer—it is visible from over 100 yards
Advanced Technologies, including A-GPS, for Quick & Accurate Tracking
Rescue Button to connect your found pet with you and the AKC CAR Recovery Team
AKC CAR's Recovery Service to help you get to your lost pet

Yours truly,

The AKC Companion Animal Recovery Team

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A MONTHLY FEEE!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap. It would do no good for me...I mean literally if you see me you see about a 6 foot gap (the leash) and then you see Jay. I know where Jay is at all times!! She does not get outta my sight.Unless I am at work...and then I know she is safe, and I personally think thats the way it should be,and the neighborhood I am moving into has 2 cops that patrol it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, but to each their own..I guess extra security and precaution is always good for some people. Nothing wrong with that.
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