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I saw this post and thought I would share here,please help cross post,and if you are in the area,keep an eye out.

Please take the time to please add us on facebook
Melee is still missing you can follow us on facebook please!
PortlandOregon MissingPitbull | Facebook
PortlandOregonMissingPitbull | Facebook
Please help us find our dog
we love and miss him to death
he is a very important part of our family
and has serious health problems
My daughter wants nothing more than her friend back
we are willing to pay anything for his return
please bring him home
call me anytime!!
(503) 960-8423
He was possibly spotted in Tacoma on 44th street.
If you live in the area please do keep your eye out for him he has a spot on his right eye that goes into his back and his front legs chest and left eye are white
we will make it well worth anyone's effort to return him and his reward is totally negotiable
we just want our family dog home
he is stinky and fat and we miss him so much!!
our couch has regained its shape and we hate it :)

Dog was stolen from their back yard in Oregon an sold to someone as a Papered blue pit bull,in Tacoma,WA.
The person with the dog now may or may not have a female blue pit bull as well.

Melee is actually 5 years old,and is on several medications for chronic skin infections,and sinus trouble.
Will be in pain without meds!


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