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I just wanted to share a story

This past weekend my Husbands brother from CA came for a visit with his family.
They were to stay the weekend at my home however they arrived late and went to stay with my BIL who lives closer to the airport. My TX BIL owns an Akita who I do not trust. She has a slight history of being HA. (I have tried to educate him to no avail) I do not take my family often to his place and when I do I make them put her away.
While at my BIL home the Brother from CA's 2 year old was nipped in the face by the Akita.(he had a bruise and scrapes)
They promptly left the BIL and came over to our home.
To say the least I was a bit nervous about how they would respond to Missy. I am confident with Missy as she has been raised with my two Children and is an all around love bug.
When they arrived I went ahead and placed Missy away from the greeting We have not seen them in a long while and I knew the excitement would cause Missy to become overwhelmed. After we all got settled down and the air was calm I went ahead and brought Miss into the house to meet the guests.
She was good and listed to what was being asked of her. The kids loved her.
I did have to tell the kids that certain things are not allowed when playing with her. My CA BIL'f family do not own a dog. She was so good and I was so happy that they were not afraid of her. Especially after what had happened that Morning.

For the rest of the weekend she was behaved and calm. She even Slept with my CA BIL on the couch.

Before they left they Told me how sweet and wonderful she was and how if they got a dog they would send it to me so it would be as well behaved as Missy.
I of course told them it is also because she is a Pibble and they are loyal and sweet. lol..

I was just so proud of her and thought I would share the story.


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Vonnie, this makes me so happy, I am glad the little boy was not to badly hurt and I will keep my comments to myself about the Akita owners. WAY TO GO MISSY!!!!!

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YAY Missy!
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