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Misunderstood; The Perspective of a Pit Bull Owner

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After spending some time browsing the pets section on Craiglist, I want to lay with my pit bulls and cry. It is incomprehensibly saddening to see the things people do to this misunderstood breed. Area shelters across the US are jam-packed with pit bulls. Backyard breeders with no regard for the welfare of these dogs continue to sell off dogs with their eyes locked on the bottom line. Ignorant breed “lovers” continue to perpetuate the numerous false rumors including their incredible locking jaws, rarity of certain colors, and inherently aggressive nature. So many dogs need homes, and so many dogs will never get that chance.

I am sick to death of hearing people tell me how vicious pit bulls are. I have never once worried about protecting someone from my dogs, but I feel compelled to protect my dogs from other people. I protect them from other pit bull “lovers” who are ignorant enough to think that their coat color, musculature, and intact reproductive organs make a difference. I protect them from uneducated fear mongers that would shoot them if they stumbled onto their property. I protect them from other dogs in public places, knowing that if their dog went after mine, it would automatically be my dog’s fault.

These dogs are not for everyone. The main reason I say this is because you have to learn how to handle prejudice. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have had rude, misinformed people say things to me when I have them out. You have to learn how to have a thick skin when you share your life with dogs that many people regard as trash. Landlords refuse to rent to you, pet stores will not allow your dogs inside, doggy day cares will refuse to let your dog play, kennels will simply not be able to “handle” your dog, and you are constantly scrutinized by other dog owners.

For people willing to deal with the prejudice and marginalization pit bull ownership often includes, you will find yourself surrounded by love, loyalty, and humor unmatched by many other dog breeds. I know I have stood on this pedestal once before to preach the wonders of bully breed ownership, but the devotion of these dogs to their owners really is their outstanding trait. Why do you think they will fight for their owners? Do you think a poodle would sacrifice its life for the will of its human? In the wrong hands this devotion can be deadly, but ,when properly trained and nurtured, pit bulls make excellent family dogs and companions.

All I really want to get across is this - If you are considering adding a four-legged family member to your clan, please consider adopting a rescued pit bull. Give one of these dogs a second chance at life, and they will be grateful to you for the rest of theirs.
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Excellent post Sadie! In all honesty unless your working your dogs and need specific traits or showing theres really no real reason to go through a breeder. If your looking for a family pet or just a companion a shelter pit bull would be perfect.
Sadie is definitely on it today. All of your posts have been excellent reading.
Thank you.

I just had a break down today,when I saw in my local shelter that someone dumped a recent mama pit. OH they kept the pups... Those bring in money you know.
But they had no use for mama anymore.

Stuff like this makes me want to try even harder to educate and start my own rescue.
These dogs are to loyal and loving to deserve this. Humans do not deserve them.

I know the fate for mama pit. it took almost 7 months for even a rescue to CONSIDER taking in one of the used up mamas.
I'm lucky that my towns shelter wont euthanize for space.
LOVE IT!!! Awesome post!
I agree with you 100% Sadie. I can't even look at craigslist anymore its so sad. I also get updates from high kill shelters and there are always "30 dogs going to die on Tuesday if no one helps and adopts one." and 28 out of 30 are always pit bulls, if not all of them. Its such a waste. I always wish I had more time so I could rescue another pup, but I don't want to take time away from Garagmel, so I just get sad. horrible, vicious cycle.
I always get so emotional over this subject...so for once I will try not to cry lol and lighten the mood by saying that the other day there was an older lady in petsmart walking a female blue bully who she had adopted :D she said she is the sweetest dog ever and she had never known much about pits but now works with a local rescue. I thought it was nice to see :D it brightened my day!
Here in Fairfield County, every dog in the shelter is a pitbull or pit mix. The "cute" little designer dogs that rarely come in are snatched up by so-called rescue organizations who later post on craigslist or other ad sites "Little Shih Tzu Saved from certain Death" or "Pulled off Death row just in Time".......and sell the dog for a $350 rescue adoption fee. If the little dog would have been left at the shelter someone would have quickly adopted it for $65...... It is disturbing.
it was 5 years ago,at the 28 year mark of ownong pits that I finalized the process of thick skin,blacked out eyesight and tone deafness to all the chatter and vusuals.
I do what I can,when I can,where I'm at right in that moment.carrying the burden of others is demanding and painful.I fought against it so vehemently on the one on one level.with folks who always knew better.
one day,I was actually living in miami in an apartment building,folks that bought A puppie had returned her to me 5 years later to either keep re-home or PTS.
in about 2 weeks of turmoil,having A pit in dade co. who's gonna complain, unable to move at that moment,I swung by my nut sac.
I walked her and my ACD out, all the time, around the complex with folks looking on.in A matter of weeks,folks there,to my surprise weren't all oooh the bad pit,they never called AC,the po-po and the manager just told me to keep a watch on,get this, the kids,don't let them push her,the dog.
it always boils down to the environment. this complex is an old apt. building turned condo,private owner.they had strict dog policies, they managed them,not policed them and folks were not allowed variances for bad dog or dog behavior.through talking to owners of dogs and property they eradicated the dog and were clear that it was always an owner issue to the problem.they have A dog ban ordinance where certain owners after numbered incidents could not own a dog on the property. it's written in the by-laws then fortified into the "bundle of rights" of the real estate contract.
they allwed me my dog, because she was A dog, not an animal, with A mouth full of teeth gnashing away at trying to get something with an owner who thought it's funny.
when dogs get shot or PTS, they should do us all A favor,and down the owner too.
for those with A problem with that,your the one I'm talking about.you think it's all peachy keen running with scissors,as long as it's not your eye gettin poked out.
I have yet to see A good dog fail his owner.it's bad owners failing A good dog.
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