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While a resident of Fulton, Missouri expressed a desire to see "pit bulls" banned, the Fulton city council appears to not be interested in pursuing a breed specific ordinance. However, as they are looking to make improvements to their current ordinance, this is a good opportunity to give feedback, suggestions, and effective breed-neutral ordinances to the Fulton city officials consideration.

Mayor and City Council e-mail quick list:
[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],
[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

City Clerk
Carolyn Laswell
[email protected]

Fulton City Council is creating committee for dog problem
by Lucas Bond
Posted: 03.22.2011 at 3:56 PM

FULTON, MO -- Recent dog attacks in Fulton had the City Council Tuesday evening taking a look at the animal control ordinance.

City officials tell KRCG there was another attack over the weekend, when a young boy was bitten by a mixed breed Pit Bull when he was trying to pet it.

Council members agree something needs to be done.

Donald Beauchamp's dog, "Mickey" was attacked by another Pit Bull last Friday.

"The Pit Bull was on the corner of my house and the dog had latched on to my dog's left
ear and neck; and was actually trying to rip his neck off," the owner of Mickey Donald Beauchamp said.

Mickey is now locked up at the animal shelter in Fulton for biting a young boy who tried to pet him on his injured ear the day after he was mauled.

"The boy up the street came straight down here to the yard, Tanner which is the oldest boy told him to stay away he has been injured," Beauchamp said. "The boy didn't listen, went up and grabbed him by his left ear, which is the one he watched his dog maul the night before. So he knew it was injured, and that's when the dog bit him."

The Fulton City Council feels that something needs to be done.

"Actually, I suggest we put together a committee with the idea of looking at our current animal control ordinance and suggest we make improvements," Fulton City Council Mike West said.

Most all residents at the city council meeting agreed Tuesday night that something needs to be done in order to prevent dog attacks.

"I personally, after I seen what happened Friday night, I would ban Pit Bulls. They're too dangerous," Beauchamp said. "If something latches on and it won't let go, what do you do?"

Council members don't think banning Pit Bulls will solve the dog problem. Past biting incidents involved other breeds of dogs beside Pit Bulls.

The Fulton City Council did not take action Tuesday evening.

Officials want to tab a special committee to study the problem.

Preview Story

With the recent number of dog attacks in Fulton, the city council is meeting tonight to try and figure out what can be done to stop dog attacks.

Fulton city officials tell KRCG the last dog attack was this past weekend, when a young boy was bit by a Pit Bull-Bulldog mix after petting the dog in its injured ear.

The dog was injured in a dog fight this past Friday by another Pit Bull that was wandering around the neighborhood.

City officials said the dog is now at the animal shelter and will be more than likely put down.

Fulton administrators and the city council will discuss what could be done to stop dogs from attacking people.

Tune in tonight at ten to find out what they propose to do in order to stop this problem.

Tells us what you think. What should Fulton city officials do to stop dogs from attacking people?

Fulton City Council is creating committee for dog problem : News : ConnectMidMissouri.com
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