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Officials in Kearney, Missouri plan to revisit the pit bull ban there after a resident brought the matter before the board in order to allow her dog to return home. They are seeking public input. Please encourage the Kearney officials to pursue a breed-neutral ordinance that holds dog owners responsible for the actions and behaviors of their dogs, regardless of the breed of dog they own.

Correspondence and information may be sent to the city clerk with a polite request to forward to the mayor and board members.
City Administrator
Jim Eldridge (816) 903-4729
[email protected]

City Clerk
Joan Updike (816) 903-4726
[email protected]

City seeks input on pit bull issue
By Staff

Mayor Bill Dane said the Kearney Board of Aldermen would revisit the pit bull ban issue in a month.

After a local resident pleaded her case at the meeting Monday, June 6, for the city to lift the ban so her dog could return home, Dane asked board members to gather feedback from their constituents and for city staff to research what other cities do.

"We will do some homework," Dane said at the meeting.

City seeks input on pit bull issue - Kearney Courier News Story - Kansas City
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