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Aldermen reviewing pit bull law

Staff Reporter

An ordinance which addresses pit bulls in the city is being re-examined more closely by the Philadelphia Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Ward 4 Alderman Cecil Nichols told city officials last week that the ordinance needed to be better enforced.

"We have a bunch of dogs in Ward 4 that aren't in compliance with the ordinance," Nichols said.

He said pit bulls were roaming neighborhoods unmuzzled and needed to be picked up by the city and impounded until owners could come in compliance with the ordinance.

The current ordinance states that dangerous dogs, such as pit bulls, are not permitted to be outside of a proper enclosure unless they are muzzled and restrained by a leash. The owner must also make sure that a proper enclosure is set up for the dog along with proper vaccinations.

Anyone found in violation could be fined and have their dog impounded until the owner complies.

Nichols said a proper enclosure for a pit bull was one that was completely separated from any other dog.

Police Chief Dickie Sistrunk said in the past, officers had elected not to impound pit bulls due to a lack of proper housing.

"We don't call Larry [McKinney, head of Animal Control] to come get these dogs because we got nowhere to put them," Sistrunk said.

He told the board that if the dogs were not picked up when a violation had occurred then the problems would just continue.

Nichols agreed, saying the law needed to be enforced.

This led to a discussion about the need for a facility to house the animals.

"With the current facility, you could build six more cages and we'll have them filled tomorrow," said Sistrunk.

Suggestions made for a better facility ranged from just adding more kennels to special walled off cages so the dogs could not see each other.

"If they even see another dog, they'll kill themselves trying to get the other dog," Sistrunk said.

Ward 2 alderman Roy White said that if the board proceeded to look into a better animal control housing facility he only had one request: That the officers not give out warnings.

If an officer finds a dog in violation of the ordinance, White said it should be taken away.

Sistrunk agreed.

"If you built it, we'll keep it full," he said.

Aldermen said they would address the matter at a future meeting.

Aldermen reviewing pit bull law - The Neshoba Democrat - Philadelphia, Mississippi
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