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My Dachshund was almost attacked by a loose "Pit Bull"

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You guys know I have nothing against Bully Breeds. But this was just ridiculous!!

I was down at the park near my house with Beau and Moe my Dachshund. I took them down there since it's a nice day. So I'm down there throwing the ball for Moe, he was on his long line and out of no where a big ass American Bully looking mutt, (looked more Am Staff then anything) comes running out of no where as Moe was chasing his ball and tackled him, Moe stopped quick and snapped at the dog's face and started snarling at it as the dog hovered over him and went really stiff like he was going to attack him. I ran over there, with Beau baying his full head off in tow. I started yelling at the dog to get and smacked it in the face with a leash, the dog took off running towards where it lives. So I pick Moe up and am practically choking Beau to keep from trying to get at the dog. I couldn't even freaking walk home because the dog lives at the house at the edge of the park. So I called my mom and had her come get me.

This was the one time I didn't even bring a break stick with me as well. I had a knife on me, but I wouldn't have used it. So all I do can thank god I decided to bring an extra short leash and it was the one with the bull snap on it.

To make it worse there were two little boys standing at the house he lives at telling him what a good boy he was. It was pathetic and I'm pissed off. Only a retard would a bully breed run loose in a public park, where a lot of people bring dogs to play. And I'm following the leash law and was just wanting a nice day to play with my dogs and enjoy the weather, so much for that!

Ugh....talk about a bad day.
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Report 'em. You know where the dog lives and you saw the people encouraging it so maybe it's time for a visit by the AC.
:rofl: Or you could do that!
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