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Was absolutely epic!! People there welcomed me with open arms and mind. Extremely patient with my many questions, and a vast knowledgeable answer. Not once did I feel out of place or uncomfortable. I want to take te time to thank my close friend, Aja, for inviting me along for hhis awesome experience

Onyx got tested for tracking ability in both wet and dry, tall and short grass. Worked a 10x10 box moving earth, rock, wood and grass. Did great, found the article every time it was placed. Needless to say they want to develop that natural instinct in the future. Next was weight pull, again did great. They had him pull 40-50lbs over 1.5mi with no break in stride, another area to develop. So I was given a contact for a person who has multiple rail's, indoor snow arena and a multitude of wp equipment dedicated to the sport. All this person/facility is designed for is wp, first and foremost, dock diving and large scale agility courses. Next they looked at him for sch, straight out declined, cause after a bite on the arm would render his rear legs off the ground, and his safety compromised. Hey suggested he to start training for French ring. Low bite zones to keep his feet on the ground and jumps he likes to do. There was another type of protection work that had a acronym that I can't remember, I do look forward to finding out next week

I would have taken pictures but with me being new they did not want me to take any photos or vids for everyone's well being, I'm cool with that. Between Flyball and wapbtc I am going to be non stop on the run
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