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Well here he is. My first red and I am in love with him. The only thing is I got him through a 3rd party and Im having to track the guy down that originally owned him to get him to sign his ADBA certificate:hammer: The 3rd party persn is legit, so its not like that (I hope). But as I was saying he is 4 yrs old and the original owner was Hispanic Im guessing by the name, but either this dog was never taught ANY commands, or he dont speak english lol So I am having to literally man handle this lug. Yall have any advice for this situation? What about renaming? His call name is not listed, but registered name is "BEBE" I dont know if its bb, or BAY BAY, but he dont really respond to either, so how does renaming work? I was figuring it would be like any dog learning a new command that he responds to like come, ya know? Only it will be his new name:clap:

cant wait to get him conditioned


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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