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If you're looking for a dog who is going to protect your family, you might want to look for something other than an APBT. What your pup is showing is typical APBT personality, they are very loveable and affectionate to humans. Human aggression is a serious fault in this breed, so if you want your APBT to be a guard dog, it's most likely not going to happen. He might be protective, but not aggressive, that's just not how the breed naturally is. Basically if someone were to ever threaten you or your family, it's not likely that he will be aggressive toward anyone, it's just not in their blood. My boy is protective, such as barking when someone knocks on the door, but as soon as I let the person inside he's all wiggles. lol.
Pitbulls are just not naturally aggressive towards humans, in all the history of the dogmen who bred pitbulls back when dogfighting was popular, they were always bred to be dog aggressive, but never human aggressive, because they couldn't have a dog being aggressive to a human while fighting them. So human aggression has long been bred out of the pitbull, and any pitbull that is aggressive towards humans is a serious flaw and a huge risk to anyone, especially a family.
I hope that helped a little, your boy is just doing what he's naturally meant to do. :)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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