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Just gotta build confidence. Some dogs are naturally more confident than others. Just make sure you continue to socialize with as many ppl, places, things - all while on leash of course & in non hazordous environments like training programs with a reputable trainer (ie dog parks can be considered hazordous because other dogs are off leash, etc.). This will help build your puppy's confidence.

Also have you tried crate training for when you leave or need personal time? Make sure you incorporate it as a desirable & comfortable place for the dog. Giving specific special treats for when the dog goes in the crate, a frozen peanut butter filled kong works great ;). Also be sure to use a plastic crate due to safety & not a wire one. Also make sure the crate is in an area where the dog isn't visable to unrulely neighbor kids (personal experience). ;) Good luck!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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