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My Pitbull is SOO skinny URGENT

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I have taken him to the vet and had is shots updated. He's had 3 series of shot and I'm gettin his booster Saturday. He eats 2x a day and can still keep going. His ribs protrude outwards and he's so lazy. He threw up after his meal this morning. He used to be all peppy, but now he looks and acts sickly. What are some possible reasons for this.
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Parvo, canine corona virus, coccidia, etc. There are so many possibilities. I would take him to the vet asap and get your pup tested and treated. Some of these problems could kill your pup within 24 hours if not handled properly. Keep your pup hydrated if he is throwing up or having diarrhea and won't eat. Pedialyte, gatorade, water, etc. If he won't drink it, get a syringe without a needle and force him. Make sure his gums stay pink until you make it to the vet.
He might be having a bad case of worms/roundworms or else maybe he is having trouble relieving his bowels and needs anal gland expression? Any rubbing of his rear on the floor? I would still take him to the vet asap you don't want to joke around with throwing up and sudden changes in mood like that.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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