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Officials in Union County, North Carolina are considering a proposal that would regulate the ownership of "pit bulls."

Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE opposition to breed specific legislation to the Union County officials listed below. Please also include viable alternatives and suggestions for their consideration.

Union County, N.C.

Clerk to the Board of Commissioners:
Lynn West, CMC
500 N. Main St., Room 925
Monroe, NC 28112
Phone: 704-283-3810

In addition, correspondence to County Commissioners can be sent to:
500 N. Main Street
Room 921
Monroe, NC 28112
Phone: 704-283-3810
FAX: 704-282-0121

Quick e-mail list for county commissioners:
[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],
[email protected] ,[email protected]

Agendas and minutes:
Agendas & Minutes for the Board of County Commissioners

N.C. Commissioner Requests Pit Bull Ban After Fatal Attack

A county commissioner suggests banning pit bulls altogether after a pair mauled a 5-year-old girl to death.

Makayla Woodward, 5, was killed and her great grandmother was hospitalized after a brutal pit bull attack, according to WSOC. Now Union County Commissioner Jon Thomas is intent on making sure something like this never happens again, reports the station.

Thomas told WSOC that he wants the canine breed banned altogether, but is looking for a compromise, reports the station. State law forbids banning a specific breed of animal.

Police told WSOC that Makayla was in her neighbor's yard when a pair of dogs attacked her. Makayla's grandmother was seriously injured while trying to save her, reports the station. Later, officers reportedly shot and killed both dogs.

While Thomas suggests that pit bulls are an aggressive breed, Mike Davis, president of the National American Pit Bull Terrier Association, disagrees, reports WSOC. Davis said that handling pit bulls, as with any breed of dog, comes down to ownership responsibility, reports the station.

Davis' organization works with cities that consider banning breeds of dogs and proposes implementing a dangerous dog law instead, according to WSOC. Such a law would reportedly allow a panel to judge relevant incidents on a case-by-case basis.

N.C. Commissioner Requests Pit Bull Ban After Fatal Attack - WGHP
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