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iv looked up some things about neutering but always like an answer on my own thread for some reason.my boy got out this morning and i had to chase him around for like 45 mins trying to get him to come,he listens but is stuborn when it comes to being outside,hes usualy leashed when outside but the door blew open and he took off.i want to get him neutered cause i read it will keep him from wanting to run off and sniff everything and his attention will be better focused on me. is this true?whats the main advantages beside an accidental mating?
IDk how old he is but i can tell you that it probably wont help. I here that dogs Wonder less when neutered, but as far as coming to you just because he gets neutered doesnt soung like a fix to me. My male is stuborn as Heck, He comes when he wants when he's outside. I thought he was Deaf for a while until my wife started using FOOD, now when i say "COME SEE" he looks up at us, if we have somthing, bam he's to us in a Sec !! Sounds Like a case of training to me, and for me the saying "you cant teach a old dog new tricks" Is true, Unless I use a GOOD reward ;)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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