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Our 11 month old blue nose has been suffering from skin problems for the past couple months.

It started as a few small bumps on the back of his neck, and when we took him into the vet, he was given an antihistamine shot, and antibiotics to take at home. The problem improved slightly, but kept coming back so we took him back to the vet. The vet recommended food from their office, we tried it and it just made him sick to his stomach.

We recently switched his food again to a raw food (dry) and have been supplimenting it with krill oil, which has helped make his fur very soft but the problem is still there!

The main areas are under his arms, and his underbelly and his little butt.

We've taken him to the vet 4 times now for the same problem and have been giving him oatmeal baths, calandula baths, coconut oil rub downs, as well as applying diluted iodine to the areas that irritate him.

He's completely up to date on his flea shots and we haven't seen any fleas on him.

The remedies we've tried seem to help but not 100%, so he keeps scratching and licking the areas which takes us back to square one again!!

I'm just hoping to get some advice from anyone who has had similar issues?? We are trying another vet but of course no openenings at their office for 2 days so hoping to help the little guy out in the meantime.

Any suggestions on:

- itch relief
- food recommendations

Would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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What raw are you feeding? In my opinion freeze dried is not raw. If it is a chicken base, that is still processed and so would not help with food allergies.
What I did to deal with my boys allerrgies. (over the last 7-8 years)
He is on prey model raw. (preymodelraw.com) Which is essentially meat, bone, and organs. I supplement with bovine colostrum for probiotics and to boost his immune system and ACV with the mother which helps too, as well as an oil, which I switch out, coconut, fish, and olive. He is wiped down with Duoxo wipes and bathed in Duoxo shampoo. It has Phytosingosine which is usually naturally produced by the body to form a wall against allergens. A compromised immune system reduces the production of it. And that is what most allergy ridden dogs have an issue with.
Steer clear of oatmeal shampoos, most people don't realize that is a grain too. Feeding grain free is pointless if you're just going to rub it all over their body.

I exhausted every kibble option on the market before going to PMR. Just make sure if you are changing kibbles, you do it in a gradual transition. Or you'll end up with cannon butt.
If actual raw is too intimidating, you could try a good quality grain free kibble like Acana Pacifica which is fish based and there are also a lot of limited ingredient kibbles out there now too. So you can see what's in it and with the process of elimination find where the issue is.
Raw is 80% research and 10% label reading, and 10% shopping. So make sure you research it first if that is the avenue you choose to take.
Feel free to PM with any questions if I don't respond fast enough here.

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"cannon butt" LMAO
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