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Hi everyone.

After not having a Pit in the house for some years, my daughter and I stoped by the pound and saw a 3 month old male pup and thought he'd make a good addition to the family.
I was just looking around on line and saw this site. Figured I'd give it a try.
We've had 4 other pits (all great dogs) but after our Rocky died of cancer we found a Bullmastiff that we brought home.
Now Lou has joined the family. No papers or known pedigree but he's a healthy and happy dog thats great with the kids.
Loking forward to meeting some new people.

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hey mike,...glad to have you aboard.
i lived in pa for @ 6 yrs...bushkill (Poconos)
post some pics of those badboys..we love pics around here.

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welcome to GP!!! lots of great people and great info on here!!

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WELCOME! It's kind of an unofficial rule around here, that if you talk about a new puppy YOU HAVE TO POST PICS! :D Have fun with your new little guy, thanks for rescuing!

Do you still also have the bullmastiff, I'd love to see him. I love those guys!!
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