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New guy!

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone on the forum! I'm a first time bully owner from lower Alabama and I have found this forum to be very helpful and informative...thanks for all the info and tips!!!
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Glad you found us! So what did you get a boy or girl? Post up some pictures we all love to look at dogs. Did you get an Am.Buly or a APBT? I am looking forward to get to know you and your pup. :)
WELCOME!! I'm a first time bully owner too! This place is great.....post up some pics of your new pup :)
Welcome to GP.
Thanks everyone and I'll definitely be getting some pics up soon! And My Mikado I have a boy Blue nose AMbully and until this forum I thought they were all APBT's!!! I hope he will have the drive of a ABPT terrier though
Hey man! its great to see you here. Ill set you up for the working dog section as soon as I can. I think you'll like it
Welcome! Glad you joined. Please post pics. We love them.
welcome :)
welcome to the forum.can't wait to see pics of your dog
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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