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new pics of Baby D

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well, not so baby anymore... 7.5 months old, around 43 lbs

couple of posing shots.. lol

loves the springpole

runs up the tree and jumps off of it for the rope.. lol.. crazy pup

a few of him stretched out up the tree

thanks for looking!
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Great looking boy :)
some great shots you got there, love the run and jump pics lol
Great action shots!! I want to know something when did he grow up? They need to stay puppies longer.
he's looking great. He really grew fast.
Funny thing is... his littermates are massive compared to him... he was the runt.. ill post pics of one of them that was at the bully show on Sat.
Very handsome man!

Nice shots as well :)
Dang he grew up quick!The last time I saw a pic of him he was still a little guy.
He is handsome and I love the pics!Thanks for sharing
great looking pup!!
this is his brother that was at the bully show... he looks twice the size as Diesel.. but he'd be 90 lbs if that was the case... still, a big pretty boy

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wow he did grow up fast! we need more pixs of him! :) he looks great :D
he's growing way too fast.. lol.. just to think.. in 4.5 months he'll be near full grown

i'm just waiting patiently for him to fill out his lankeyness
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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