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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I have a new puppy as well her name is cookie and I got her for free from a friend of a family member. I have a picture of the parents but I was wondering if anyone can let me know which breed of pit she looks like. I was also wondering what would be the best diet for her as I've been reading that depending on her breed her diet should be different?? I plan on going back to Houston this weekend and hopefully asking the owner if the parents have papers, or finding out more information on them. I will attach pictures of her and of her parents. Lastly the vet told me to keep her away from other dogs until she goes back to get her last shot of DHPP, does this mean she shouldn't walk around my apartment complex as there is other dogs that live here, or should she just stay away from the actual other dogs.
Dog Plant Carnivore Dog breed Fawn

Cookies parents(dad left, mom right).
Dog Working animal Carnivore Dog breed Wood
Brown Dog Wood Working animal Pet supply
Dog Carnivore Working animal Dog breed Liver

Cookie, she's a little over 12 weeks and around 12-14 pounds.
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