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New Spring pictures

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Was a nice day out

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love the tongue stickin out lol , nice that you have daffodiles lol , my dogs bit most of the flower tops off mine and spit it out I think they did it just to be donkeys lol, did it to my tulips too right before they bloomed :mad: . dogs look great though 3rd pic and the one with the tongue out are my faves :)
YAY for spring!! Cute pups!!
Super cute dogs! Nice pics :) Your boy sticking his tongue out is funny haha

Your pointer looks like he could do some work! He has a very nice build!
Thanks guys !! Yes the flowers are nice.For the most part they leave them be.BUT i just freakin planed a rose bush and Max decided to eat it!!!:hammer:

Yes Eric that is my Pointer Copper.He is my show dog but we also do trials and hunt with him.Awsome dogs,but dumb as hell.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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