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New to site, and new to breed.

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Hi everyone. Im Dorian. From San Diego. 3 weeks ago, i bought my fiance a chihuahua. Theyre cool bt no pitbull. Im 22 now, and had rotts when i was in grade and middle school. So im used to a "big" dog. Im much mature now, and with the internet, and sites like this, have a better understanding of dogs in general, and what dog I want.

Ive come to the choice of the pitbull. Just their loyalness and willingness to please. Plus how versitial they are. Plus all the other breeds seem dull when you compare their traits.

Today we got Dolce. Like Dolce and Gabanna. Im no wiz on different bloodlines, and all that, but from what ive read, i have a bully breed, and not a apt. The owner told me she is, Bully Razorsedge. A friend of the family has 2 of these, and i like how they are. Im not into all the buffness, or anything of that nature. Just excited to get to train and work with her, this should be an experience.

Heres some pix of her, also with her new "sister" Ivy.

Ivy is 11 weeks, Dolce is 6. Ivy is a lil rough with her, as Dolce cant really "play" but im sure thatll change.

Im glad to be here. Any feedback, and tips, would be great!

Heres a video of Ivy bulling her. She'll be alright.

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