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we adopted these two little pitbull-mix girls about two months ago - strays from Mexico. While sisters (litter mates) and "twins" in appearance, at least, these two nutter-butters are complete opposites! But their "arguments" (whinny-grawls, bitting the air) is in the top 5 funniest things they do.

plays quietloud and proud
food motivated"play time" 100%
a diva ...'work for my attention"'yup I love you, let's play'
play with toys nicelyooooooooo, i bet this won't last 10 minutes....tuff-toy, ya right
gobbles food/treatssuch tha lil lady, chewing slowly and thoroughly
Morning alarm: kicks me to shut it offtons of morning kisses and play time - snooze ain't hap'nin
.......and SOOOOO many more

Being "thoughtful" we got two of everything.....those soft, fluffy beds, whatever dude, those are big toys! Chair, couch, bed...they're to share 'cause we family, right? 馃お

We've previously had our two daughters, 110 lb Akita and 35 lb adopted mutt (best little guy ever) in our CA-King with room for more.... how in the world does the same bed become what feels like a twin with two little puppies and me----wife can barely be found 馃槀

Oh, and for those who say "no personal space" DAMN... I've never had a dog lick my leg while peeing 馃ぃ

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Beautiful girls!
No personal space, that's our Pheobe, Pug.
She just flops on your neck, sticks whiskers up your nose, whatever, gotta be CLOSE!
We briefly had an Akita, Kuro. Rescued him from a nasty situation, but after neutering him (and pouring a barely conscious dog into the back of a Datsun B210), the sh!t hit the fan job wise and we had to rehome him, broke my heart.
I hope to get another some day. Her name is already picked out, Alita.

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Hello dmj120 and welcome to GP! Thanks for the great introduction and the picture. Those are two beautiful girls.
One question, was it you or one of the dogs peeing while you were getting your leg licked? :LOL:

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