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tshe is always worried unleashed dogs are gonna sneak up and I think she is anxious when she walks him. Thankfully its never happened to her without me there, but she is so nervous if it does happen I guess Mel feels that vibe from her. During the day she feels better cause she can see if something is coming.
I actually had an unleashed dog run out of someone's yard 1 night.....scared the :poop: out of me. It was the 1st time it happened. Cookie turned towards the dog and had this crazy-zoned out look in her eyes with a low growl. The other dog just stopped in the road & just started barking. It looked like a lab/sheppard mix. I was glad the dog didn't come any closer. And it didn't help that people were standing around watching to see if I was going to let her off leash. This guy was like "I would've let her rip that dog's :curse:" I just smh.

Anyways...Cookie is always on alert day or night and Bear is only at night but he will go nuts if he saw a rabbit or skunk lol
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