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NKC show results

Well this was a weekend of firsts. It was a rather surprising weekend both good and not so good. Lets start with Saturday, the WEIGHT PULL.

REBEL weighed in at 57lbs.
SWITCH weighed in at 47lbs.

Rebels class was a large and tough one as always. It is usually the biggest classs with fierce competition, icluding his Dad, Hagen. Well he took a 3rd in his class. Hagen won first and Piston took second. The bad news is that at a minimum Rebel should have taken second. He finished 3rd because he made the same pull as Piston but Piston weighed 56lbs so due to weight he lost. However he should have made the next pull and the next one! He shut down on me and I'm not sure why. I dont know if he didnt feel good or what but we have another show in a month and we are going back to the drawing board on him to make sure that doesnt happen again.

Switch on the other hand was the surprise of surprises. At the house I have noticed he has really been pulling good and giving it all he had so I was interested in seeing how he would do at the show. Well needless to say he took first in his weight class. Not only did he take first but he was the Reserve puller for body pound OVERALL. All this at 9 months of age and 47lbs. He out pulled Rebel so bad it wasnt funny, (one reason I know Rebel should have pulled more). It was truly a show, the little guys came to pull! The last pull of the night came down to Switch and Hemi going for body pound. Switch was 47lbs, Hemi was 45lbs. Thats right, out of 60+ dogs the last two dogs pulling were both UNDER 50lbs. Man they put the big dogs to shame, it was awsome to see the little dogs just pulling that weight and not quiting. I believe Swtich pulled 85% of his body weight on his first pointed show!!!

Sunday in conformation.

Little Girl (Rebel x Gracie) took a second in conformation.
Rebel, didn't place, also a first in his carreer, but oh well the judge was picking heavier dogs and he was lean!!

Switch......Best male puppy in his age group
Reserve best male in show
So Switch now has 50points towards his CH in 2 shows.
Little Girl has 10 points
Rebel has 70.

Overall it was a good weekend. What pics we took will follow shortly.
Video of Switch making a pull early in the day.

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Cool video. Your daughter is a real cutie! Too bad about Rebel but maybe he was just having an "off" day, not feeling well. Better luck next time!
Congrats for all the winnings!

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:clap: Way to go Switch!!!! He is an awsome dog. Little girl was a shoo in she is perfect in every way. :love:

Poor Rebel. I'm sure that he was just having an off day. We have days like that so I think they can too. I bet he will be right back on track at the next show.
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