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No truer words have been spoken

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This is from Randy Fox. UKC dogs and alot of ADBA dogs now are becoming another breed. This is why people want to see the Bully's break away of all ADBA and UKC registration but my concern is for the show bred ADBA dogs. UKC is pretty much in the AMstaff territory but the ADBA has a ton of these non game dogs now. Perfect ADBA conformation DOES NOT MAKE A PITBULL. Sorry, but this article and it's opinions reflect exactly how I feel.

This is strictly history so please do not fight dogs unless you like jail. The Famous Maurice Carver. Dogfighter, dogbreeder, Pimp, borderguard and anything else he decided to be. Plus his 'Wino' dog. Maurice was smart in lots of ways. That statement he made saying you can turn a pitbull into a german shepherd in three generations is very true. Simply breed a pitbull to a german shepherd then take the offspring and breed it to a german shepherd. Then take this offspring and breed back to a german shepherd. For what is worth you have a german shepherd. I think he made this statement to teach you that a pitbull bred to an untested pitbull. Then breed that off spring back to an untested pitbull and then repeat it one more time by breeding that offspring to an untested pitbull. Then for what it is worth you do not have a pitbull. Because they were bred to fight and you bred them exactly the opposite. Therefore you have created a new breed. You have erased those genetics that are so important in establishing the breed. If you breed for weight pulling and ignore the fighting gene you do not have a pitbull. If you breed for conformation and ignore the fighting gene you do not have a pitbull. If you breed them to hoghunt and ignore the fighting gene you do not have a pitbull. That is an opinion that Maurice Carver and myself can agree on.
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