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I live in New Orleans now, and people here sure do throw the name"pitbull" around.

Was walking my boston down the street and an entire family ran up on the porch, including the mom. She yelled that i shouldnt be walking that pitbull around, they could eat people.

a block later, a man asked me if i want to breed my pitbull with his stud. he hoped they would turn out as beefy as my bitch.

my boston is an 18lb male with testicles removed...

I cant take my big guy out, as so many people have their malnourished pit type dogs off leash which makes mine upset, so iv had to pick him up to keep bad things from happening (and it aint fun carrying him home)

after living here i am now a believer that you should have to have a permit or pass a test to own a dog. I know its sad, but some people here think a dog is just a thing that you chain up outside and give table scraps for food.

iv picked up several strays and tried to take them to the shelters, but the shelters are over full, and one employee told me the dogs are better off on the street where they wont be put down

i live right near the leavy and my game camera picks up packs of stray dogs daily.

i also think people should be spayed and neutered now...
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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