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Ever think to yourself, WTH was I thinking?
Got home, Conner going ballistic, tried to calm him down with treats on a calm sit, he snapped the treats out of my hurt hand, which made it hurt more. Bothered Willow, which pissed her off and she can't just snap and call it a day, she snaps at him multiple times. Pheobe barking like a madman. Out, out, out you friggin' heathens!!!
Then, they come back in and Conner pees!!! WTF!!!!
Rented a Rug Doctor labor day weekend, got everything cleaned. Hubby sets sprinkler on dead lawn/mud. Land Hippo brought in a ton of mud. That was a exercise in futility.
All the while, sweet Kylee causes no issues. 馃グ馃榿
It's a good thing they are cute, tell you what!!
Yes, and I still want another puppy this spring, I am crazy. 馃槀

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Yes, you are crazy BZOO, and in good company here. ;) Most of us have had similar days and it makes you wonder, why? and how much easier it would be to do things without any pets. But we are lovers and hooked for life.
When they aren't acting crazy, they give us so much affection and companionship. Hope you get some of that real soon. Sounds like you could use it. :)
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