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I received an email today from no more homeless pets that just broke my heart, I hate hearing this happen ANYWHERE and I do not know what I would do if I ever had to part ways with my pitbull, please help and sign the petition! It doesnt matter if you live out of state or city, as long as it is known that it is not right to band breeds just because of their reputations when most of these breeds are the sweetest ever.
If you would like to help please sign the petition below, I appreciate all of your help and so do many other pitbull, rottweilers owners whose pets are misunderstood, thank you so much for your help.


This is the email I received:
No More Homeless Pets in Utah received this urgent information from Millcreek FIDOS (Friends Interested in Dogs and Open Spaces) and we wanted to pass it along to our members. Please take a minute to read this important email regarding proposed breed restrictions. If Sandy City adopts this proposal, other towns could follow.

Sandy City Considers Breed Restrictions & Dog Owners are Encouraged to Respond! All dog owners, especially Sandy City residents, are encouraged to email the Sandy City Council asking that they stop the motion to adopt a breed-based ban. A motion is currently targeting Pitbulls, Rottweilers, and Presa Canarios, but it has been noted that they may widen that in some circumstances. Please email all members of the Sandy City Council at the link below: http://sandy.utah.gov/government/city- council.html IMPORTANT: Please attend the public hearing for the new animal ordinance July 15th at Sandy City Hall, 10000 Centennial Parkway, Sandy, at 7:00pm. The draft ordinance should be available today, though it may be in paper format only (no electronic copies).

What are the Restrictions? So far Sandy City has not released the final draft of the ordinance. It should be available today (prior to the Public Hearing next Tuesday). The ordinance has gone through several revisions, from an outright ban of the listed breeds, to grandfathering in existing pets, to special licensing and monitoring of the listed breeds. This website was set up by Sandy City Residents who oppose the ban. It includes yesterday's Salt LakeTribune article as well as discussions on the subject. http://groups.google.com/group/sandy-residents- against-bsl

Why We Oppose the Restrictions

It's ineffectual. Owners of fighting dogs have been known to simply move on to a different breed.
It's a slippery slope. As the "bad" owners move to different breeds, the Sandy City Council has noted it can just add those breeds to their list.
It's easy to see a "Pitbull" or "Rottweiler" mix in any dog. It's a difficult breed to pin down. More than once, we have been asked if a brown Heeler mix we know was part Pitbull, when she clearly has no trace of Pitbull in her. Sandy City plans on restricting mixed breeds, how will this be detremined?
It affects neighboring communities. If I live is SLC, can I bring my Pitbull to Sandy? Through Sandy? What are the consequences if I do? What if I bring my brown Heeler mix?
The Sandy Animal Control opposes the restrictions.
If this passes in Sandy, will your city be next?
Look at what happened in Denver: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/200 5-07-20-denver-pit-bull_x.htm
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