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Orion & His FAVE Skin Kid!!

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alright so the kids were out of school on Monday and my 6 yera old niece and Orion are the best of friends, he LOVES it when she plays ball with him :D I got a little video, is awesome that she makes him mind and that he minds her, granted all of my dogs listen to the kids better ;)

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That is soo cute, Its nice to see the bond between a dog an a kid, Bear on the other hand likes certain kids.
when we got him at 2 months of age, i let everyone interact with him even kids of all ages., Now hes 8 months old at about 5 months he started to bark at certain kids like if there runnig, his hair stands, if they are wearing something he barks, now 8 months old an dose it even more.

My dads friend brough his autistic son hes 9 yrs old, an bear was barking mad at him, i was telling him no but he just woudnt stop. He kid was laughing, but the min i took bear by the collar towards him he put on his brakes an wouldnt want to meet him.
hmmm this may be something that can be worked thru, do not allow him to be fearful of the kids, being introduced to an autistic kid is not the way to go when he is not big on kids,lol. I can imagine his reaction. Phoenix only barks at kids on skateboards on bikes and only if he is in the car. Maybe try treats when he is around kids, have him sit and "focus" on you, when he looks at the kids, correct him, treat him if he focuses back on you and keep going. ;) Some dogs just don't do kids though, lol. No matter I love me some Bear
Thanks for the tip i will work with him more towards the spring time when its warmer an more kids start to come out :D
Skateboards was what set him off the very first time, A teen was on a skateboard and doing tricks, bear didnt not like it one bit. From there he started getting warry of certain kids. But get this, when hes a petsmart hes sooo well behaved that kids dont bother him at all. weird huh?

Story: When we took bear to get his collar at petsmart, a little girl was holding this huge bone she was gettin for her dog, and bear sniffed it an she was like , no no, this is for my dog not you, an bear ignored her after she said that :D
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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