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Are you talking about the 30lb bag? There are no dog foods that I'm aware of that come in bags larger than 30lbs.

You can try an even higher quality food like Orijen ... typically the higher quality the food, the less the dog needs to eat of it. Orijen is more expensive though.

How many dogs do you have, what are their ages, and how much are you feeding them every day?

My boy Kane eats ~3-4 cups every day and his latest bag of TOTW has lasted him since mid-December and will probably make it through the end of the month.

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We feed our pup Great Life dog food, which comes in a 33lb bag (i think?). Great Life is a very high quality all stages dog food. They actually use a raw food coating which includes freeze dried veggies and berries etc. and they encapsulate the coating on the kibble with salmon oil...yummy! Its basically the closest thing to feeding your dog raw without taking up freezer space and having to thaw that stuff out!

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no such thing as an all life stage dog food. unless your feeding RAW.
you cant tell me that the same food you'd feed your 5 yr old dog you'd feed your puppy as well?
there nutrition requirements are wayyy too different.
do some research on here and if you have any questions just ask :)
Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble
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