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Part 2 of my picture post!

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Out-take! Now is not the time for a sneeze, buddy, lol.

Aw, how'd this sweet wittle puppy get in here? *smushes face*

Kane can multi-task! Running and eating snow at the same time! Take that!

The thing on his head is actually his ear, lol. I had to think back to what he was doing.

Look, Ma! I got some dead brush!!

Oh, no, I dropped it!

Okay, whew! I got it back.

Okay, NOW I can see why I get asked if he's a boxer! :roll:

There he goes ....!!

And here he comes!!

Thanks for looking everyone!!! :woof:

No pics of Jubi this time around because the little terror ... er, PRINCESS, lol, gets her own post on Sunday. :D
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Super cute pics! Looks like he loves the snow!
O M G ok ok Kane told me int hosepics he wants to come see his wonderful Auntie Tye Tye, omg Kate I am toally lovin your NEW camera and all these feakin AWESOME pics. I just wanna squish his face, like LOVE him to death for real, I will take him like visititation rights, I have that with Sadie's Bogart :p At Least for 2 weeks out of the summer, himand DWB would be best friends and have the best time :D For real girl, I am LOVIN these pics, ok ok I wanna see more, ya gettin better with that new camera, again RTFM or just pitch a fit :p

And I can't wait to see JuJu-B pics :D
Alot of good shots in this one too :D
LOL still cant get over how identical he is to bear. Love him. Have you seen my post on bears video? My mom saw the pics i told her who is this, shes like Bear i was like nope, she said he bears twin.
yay i have waited a long time for pics of this boy!!! these are awesome love love the first pic, he looks like he is haveing a blast in the snow!!!
Thanks guys! :D Snow ranks right up there with food, toys, and me in his world, lol (although I think he likes snow more than me ;)).

@apbt2010 -- that's hilarious that your mom thought it was Bear! I'm not surprised, though. When you post pics, *I* have to double-check that it's not Kane, lol.

@Tye -- the only way Kane can come visit is if I can have the same fun as him, lol. I refused to be left out just because he's so darn cute. ;)
girl you are ALWAYS included, of course I meant you too :p
So ... Jubi is such a bundle of energy that I gave up on taking pics of her, lol, and am going to be posting mostly video of her. :D
lmaooooo at her not being still but I will take vids of her fluffy cuteness all teh same :D Please and thank you ;)
Good! I've got three videos, all ~ 8 mins long. They're gonna take FOR-EVER to upload lol. Kane's video? That was only like. What? 1 min tops? That took an hour, lol.
wow on youtube, really?? my videos never take that long but your new spiffy camera is way better than mine, is prolly why, hhahaha *taps fingers patiently* :p
Well, I think it's cause it takes HD video, lol.

I should figure out how to turn that off, maybe. But that would require RTFM ... and I'm not sure I want to do THAT. ;)
rofl lmaooooo, hate RTFM, *boooo* to that, lol, and yeah that prolly is why, mine is no HD, I don't think, lol, nah it's not, hehehee, ok ok still laughing, you are for real the only person I met who knows what that means, I love it :p

Just put it on the counter, stomp around, throw a small hissy fit and pick it back up :p
I actually have no idea where the manual is, tbh, lol. I think Kane may have ate it or something :rofl: or maybe I put Kane up to taking it outside and "accidentally" losing it in the 7 INCHES OF SNOW WE HAVE aaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Kane is in my face right now wanting to go out to play cuz he just went pee not 5 minutes ago, lol. Any time I make a sudden move his tail starts thumping cause he thinks I'm getting up, lol. Guess I oughta get off my lazy butt. :p
hahahaah Kane mom-lady needs to RTFM, lmaoooo, hope you guys are having fun :D *taps finger somemore, waiting* :p *laughs evily*
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